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There are several companies that offer roaming so that you don't run out of data in Miami and all cities in the United States. However, this is one of the most expensive services. That's why we recommend travelling with eSIM Holafly for Miami. Find out how to have unlimited data, at a low price and without surprises on your bill.

Buy an Unlimited data eSIM for Miami

Internet in Miami: all the options

Miami is synonymous with beaches, days of tanning on the white sand, afternoons of surfing and many nights of partying in the best restaurants in the magic city, as it is known worldwide.

Having mobile data in Miami will be your best ally to quickly find that restaurant on Lincoln Road, take an Uber to get to Wynwood and enjoy its art galleries or use Google Maps to get to South Beach and forget about the time in front of the sea.

If you want to know how to stay connected on your trip, avoid paying roaming charges in Miami and not waste time looking for free wifi, we have prepared a guide to tell you all the alternatives to have internet in Miami and share the best moments of this trip with your family and friends.

Before explaining all the ways to have internet in Miami and what you should check when you are in the American city, from Roams we will show you in a very clear and summarised way the best options to have unlimited data mobile in your next adventure.

Cuánto cuesta el internet en Singapur
Service Price/Days Data
eSIM Holafly Miami
  • From £19/5 days
  • Unlimited
SIM Card in Miami
  • From £50/30 days
  • 10GB
Wifi in Miami:
  • Portable
  • Public

  • From £6/day
  • Free

  • From 1GB
  • Unlimited
Roaming en Miami
  • From £6/day

  • From 1GB

eSIM Miami: the best alternative to have mobile internet

Travelling with an eSIM card with data to Miami is an excellent option for your trip to the magic city. It's one of the best options, especially if you buy it before arriving at the airport, as you'll have internet when you land and won't have to worry about buying anything extra to let your loved ones know you're arriving, connect to your rental car or locate your accommodation.

What is an eSim card?

eSIMs have been gaining traction with travellers around the world, not only because they have coverage throughout the United States, but also because they avoid high roaming charges, allow you to keep the same phone number and give you the ability to have internet on the beaches of Miami.

The eSIM Miami is, from our point of view, the fastest and cheapest way to have internet in Miami for tourists. Although there are several operators that offer this virtual SIM service, such as SimOptions, Truphone, Airalo or Ubigi, from Roams we recommend that you check the Holafly eSIM for Miami, compare the advantages it has for your trip and make a price comparison.

To make it easier for you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying a virtual SIM in Miami with Holafly, we leave you a list below:


  • Includes unlimited data.
  • You keep your WhatsApp number at all times.
  • You have 24/7 customer service in English.
  • Likewise, you keep your SIM card, and you don't run the risk of losing it.
  • It is very easy to set up and activate.
  • No subscriptions or signatures.


  • No phone number or SMS included, but you can use WhatsApp.
  • You cannot share data with another person.

As we have shown you, the advantages of purchasing an eSIM for Miami are even greater. From Roams, we encourage you to choose this option to have unlimited data on your trip to the magic city. Therefore, here are all the rates of eSIM Holafly for Miami:

eSIM Holafly Miami
Days Price Data
5 days £19 Unlimited data
10 days £29 Unlimited data
15 days £44 Unlimited data
20 days £49 Unlimited data
30 days £59 Unlimited data
60 days £77 Unlimited data
90 days £87 Unlimited data

Now, the good thing is that we always have a choice. So, if none of these alternatives meet your needs, remember that there are other internet companies in Miami to sign up for an eSIM. Some of the companies offering this service are Nomad eSIM, Airalo, Flexiroam or SimOptions.

eSim USA
Prepaid: 5 days expiry
Data Unlimited

Connection speed 4G
Pay as you go£195 days expiry
taxes included

SIM card in Miami: the classic option

If your mobile phone does not support eSIM technology, you can buy a SIM card in Miami at official AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Boost Mobile shops that are available at airports, shopping areas and in large chain stores in the American city.

Although the price of a SIM card in Miami can change depending on the phone company and the plan you choose, in general the price of a SIM card is usually very affordable for all types of travellers. The average price ranges from £50 to £64 (an average of $60USD to $80USD), but you will need to purchase them at the established centres once you arrive at your destination.

These are the features of the most popular internet SIMs in Miami that you can purchase when you land in some of its cities:

  • T-Mobile Miami data SIM: To connect to the internet and make calls from this USA SIM card, you will have to recharge it in authorised shops and supermarkets.
  • Miami Verizon prepaid SIM: It works the same as the previous one, first you have to buy the prepaid SIM card in the Magic City and then add credit.
  • AT&T Miami data card: You can buy a prepaid SIM card and recharge it, then sign up for a package with data, minutes and SMS.

These cards are easy to purchase and use. However, we have now identified a number of disadvantages to using SIM cards in Miami, as we discuss below:

  • You have to exchange your regular SIM card and risk losing or damaging it.
  • You will have to travel to buy it or wait for the card to arrive at the place where you are staying.
  • If your travel SIM contract runs out, you will have to replace it with another one.
  • You will often have to pay additional taxes and charges when you buy the SIM.

There are other SIM card options such as Sprint and Boost Mobile that also offer prepaid plans, but with less coverage and less service than the companies mentioned above.

Buy an Unlimited data eSIM for Miami with a 5% OFF. Code ROAMS

Connecting to wifi in Miami: free or portable

Connecting to the internet in Miami with public wifi and portable wifi are other options you have when travelling to the Magic City. However, like all services, these also come with a number of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, free wifi is free of charge, but speed and security are issues to consider. On the other hand, portable internet in Miami provides security and a stable connection, but the costs are usually high.

For these reasons, we have listed the benefits, drawbacks and prices of both services if you want to sign up for mobile data in Miami for your next adventure.

Free Wifi in Miami: a cheap but unsafe option

Although it is a big city, you can find many free wifi hotspots in Miami, both in airports, museums, shops and shopping centres, so if you plan to travel alone using free internet points to save money, it is advisable to check which places you will visit and see if they have this service.

There are several websites or apps that can help you find these free internet spots in Miami, depending on the area of the city where you will be enjoying your holiday.

However, our recommendation is not to enter your bank's websites or make transactions that include important information for you when using public internet in Miami or in any city in the United States, because you can be a victim of hacking, affecting not only your trip, but also your financial security.

Portable wifi in Miami: a high-priced option

Also called pocket wifi, portable modem or mifi, portable wifi is a device that allows you to connect all your devices to the internet while you are travelling. Here are two examples to show you how much it costs to have portable internet in Miami.

  • WifiVox: Having internet in Miami with this company will cost you £6/day. If you rent their portable modem, you will enjoy unlimited 4G connection, and you will be able to connect 5 devices simultaneously.
  • MioWifi: The portable internet for travelling to Miami with this option costs £8/day. To this rate, you will have to add shipping and return costs, if any.

As we told you earlier, the costs of this service are a bit high. If we make a list of advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that it is not an alternative to have mobile data on your trip to Miami.


  • It is portable, you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • It offers a faster and more reliable connection than free wifi.
  • Furthermore, it is secure, you can transmit confidential information without a problem.


  • It is one of the most expensive options.
  • Battery life is between 6 and 13 hours.
  • You will have to carry the router with you at all times, and you run the risk of losing it.
  • In addition to the data plan, you must pay for the rental, insurance and shipping of the device.

Roaming in Miami: is it worth spending so much?

Roaming in Miami if you are travelling from UK can be expensive if you are not in control of it. Costs vary depending on the operator and the plan you have, but having this internet service for your trip is generally expensive.

Some carriers like EE, O2 or Three offer roaming bundles which help you roam at the United States at a lower price. For example, you can access your UK data and minutes allowance for £5 a day on Three, for £6 on O2 or £10 per day on EE.

This also applies to MVNO's carriers such as Lebara, Plusnet, Tesco and ASDA because to roam outside the EU can be expensive for carriers, so they have to charge customers.

However, mobile network providers give information to customers of exactly how much they need to pay for the country that they want to travel to and use their data roaming. This allows customers to see how much they are paying, and they can manage the way they data roam in those countries to save money.

Internet coverage and speed in Miami

Internet coverage and speed in Miami is generally good, as there is a wide network of service providers in this area of Florida. The most popular providers include AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. These companies offer broadband and mobile connections through fixed and mobile lines.

According to SpeedTest (1) , the average internet speed in Miami is 75Mbps, which is quite fast and sufficient for most of the actions we perform online while travelling. However, this speed can vary depending on the area you are in and the quality of the network. Generally, urban areas have better connections than rural areas. In some cases, such as on remote beaches or in natural parks, it may be slower.

In terms of internet coverage in Miami, most populated areas of the city have 4G, 4G+ or, alternatively, 3G. However, 5G technology is almost fully deployed in this part of the United States.

Advantages of having internet in Miami

In addition to communicating with your family and friends, connecting to your favourite social networks immediately and having at hand the reservations for your accommodation, car rental or plans to enjoy, having internet on your trip to Miami has a series of benefits that will make this adventure one to remember.

Other benefits of having mobile data in Miami include:

  • Navigation: by having internet access with a Holafly eSIM you will be able to use maps and navigation applications to reach your tourist destinations and find places to eat and stay without getting lost on its extensive roads.
  • Entertainment: accessing mobile internet in Miami allows you to watch videos and listen to music to pass the time while you travel. Even if you're travelling with kids, it's an advantage to carry their favourite shows on your phone.
  • Safety: having mobile data in the magic city gives you the ability to stay connected to emergency and security services should you need them during your trip.
  • Translation: You have the ability to access translation apps to communicate with locals if you don't speak English. This will help your trip to be better, and you will be immersed in the American culture.

In addition to all of the above, having internet in Miami on your mobile phone will also help you get to Everglades National Park, book a restaurant on Lincoln Road, book a tour of Wynwood, buy a ticket to the Miami Science Museum or simply stay in touch while enjoying the beaches in South Beach.

Buy an Unlimited data eSIM for Miami with a 5% OFF. Code ROAMS

Internet in Miami: some recommendations for your trip

Since we at Roams think of everything, we've put together a list of some things to keep in mind with your internet connection in Miami that will not only help you get the most out of your trip, but will make your adventure in the magic city one to remember forever:

  • Take advantage of offline apps: download maps, tourist guides and other information before your trip, so you can access them even without an internet connection. Not only will you save data, but you'll have everything at your fingertips.
  • Set up your device to avoid unexpected charges: make sure to turn off automatic data services and avoid downloading apps or watching high quality video.
  • The battery of your devices: In Miami, as in the rest of the United States, the voltage used is 120 volts and 60Hz, and type A and B plugs are used. It is important to note that you will probably need an adaptor to use your electronic devices.
  • Health at hand: Although the health care system in the US is excellent, it is also expensive. For this reason, it is advisable to take out travel insurance for your trip to the United States and have it all written down on your mobile phone. That way, if you have any complications, you'll have everything insured.


How to use the internet in Miami?

The best way to use the internet in Miami is to have an eSIM. If you are travelling to the American city, Holafly is the company with the best service-price ratio and allows you to surf without worrying about the data limit during your stay.

What is the internet speed in Miami?

Internet speed in Miami, as in the United States, is high. The average internet speed in Miami is 75Mbps, which allows for a satisfactory browsing and streaming experience.

What is the area code for calling Miami?

The area code for Miami is 786 and the international area code for the United States is +1. Therefore, if you want to make a call to a phone number located in this location from a foreign country, the phone prefix will be +1 786 or 001 786.

Is the internet in Miami 5G?

Yes, 5G services are available in Miami. However, the availability and coverage of 5G varies depending on the area and service provider.

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