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Last update: February 17, 2022
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Majority of mobile network providers in the United Kingdom offer a SIM only and pay as you go deals that includes a rollover data which is a great benefit to have because it allows you to save on data going into the next month.

What is data rollover data?

Data rollover is one of the best benefits that any UK customer get from a pay monthly plan or a pay as you go deal.

A data rollover allows you to use all of your unused data to so that you don't waste your money because you will always have left over data so customers can take their left over data to the next month.

For example, if you only use your data to check your emails and occasionally brows on social media then there is a good chance you will have some data left and you can use that in the next month.

This allows you to make use of your money because you get the most out of your deal, customers can save their data for when they decide to travel to roaming destinations and use their data abroad.

Rollover data is a benefit that a lot of providers in the UK offer to their customers because it is a very popular benefit to have from a monthly plan and a pay as you go deal.

However, most providers allow rollover data to rollover for only a month so make sure you use the data within the next month.

It is really easy to get rollover data because all you have to do is to join a pay monthly plan or a pay as you go deal that offers rollover data.

Providers that offer rollover data

Majority of all the mobile network providers in the UK offer rollover data, big network providers usually offer rollover data with pay as you go deals.

For example, O2, Vodafone and EE are some of the most well known providers in the UK and the only deals that offer a rollover data is their pay as you go deals. This means customers must join their pay as you go deals to get the rollover benefits.

However, providers that offer a pay monthly deal with the benefit of rollover are usually providers that are smaller or MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) which majority of MVNO's don't have a pay as you go service.

Therefore, for MVNO's their pay monthly deals usually operate by offering their customers a 30 day plan and in that plan is a rollover data benefit.

For example, SMARTY, iD Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sky Mobile offer some really good pay monthly plans with a lot of benefits including rollover data.

Mobile network providers in the UK offer rollover data as a benefit that will compliment other benefits such as roaming because you are able to save data for when your travelling.

Is rollover data a good thing?

I believe rollover data is one of the best benefits that any mobile network provider customer in the UK can get.

In the world we live in today being online is one of the most popular thing to be on and to pay for a pay monthly plan or a pay as you go deal that allows you to save up on data to carry over to the next month is a great idea.

For students and the youth who are always online can use this to control their data usage per month so that they can always save up on data to have a back up for the next month.

Also, customers can save money by starting the new month with more data then what is on their initial plan.

For example, if you have a pay as you go plan that offers 8GB worth of data and you have 500MB left over in the previous month, in the next month you will start with more data than what you were supposed to have.

Therefore, rollover data is a good thing and customers in the UK will definitely benefit from the rollover data benefit.

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