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What mobile network does LycaMobile use in the UK?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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LycaMobile uses O2's network which is perfect because with O2 network it allows LycaMobile to have 98% of 4G coverage in the UK. LycaMobile also has plans for 5G LycaMobile and it is important to check the LycaMobile coverage map.

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UK Plan Tera
50 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £50/pm
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UK Plan Mega
40 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £20/pm
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UK Plan Giga
25 GB Unlimited O2 £17.50 p/m
1 month
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UK Plan Ultra
20 GB Unlimited O2 £12 p/m
1 month
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UK Plan Super
16 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £50/pm
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Forever Data
9 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £20/pm
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National Plus
4 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £10/pm
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LycaMobile use the O2 mobile network

LycaMobile like most mobile network providers in the UK is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which means they rely on bigger networks to carry their network. LycaMobile network UK uses the O2 network in order to deliver the coverage.

For LycaMobile network customers they can be happy that LycaMobile is a MVNO because it means that they will get cheaper prices.

One of the main reasons that LycaMobile networks offers their customers some of the cheapest SIM only deals is because they don't have to charge extra for keeping a network.

Therefore, LycaMobile network can put all their focus on giving the best services such as great LycaMobile SIM only deals student plans and monthly plans.

For international LycaMobile deals there is good news because LycaMobile is the biggest international MVNO and because they have renewed their deal with O2 means that they can continue to offer competitive prices for calls to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

LycaMobile network UK renewing their contract with O2's network was a no brainer because O2 offers great network service and for LycaMobile network they have had positive customer feedback about the service over the past six years.

What coverage does LycaMobile network offers?

The evolution of mobile technology has five different data technology levels, 1G, 2G, 3G 4G and 5G. All five different levels offer a different type of quality the lowest quality is 1G and it works its way up to the best data service known today which is 5G.

LycaMobile network UK offers their customers 4G coverage data technology which is still one of the best and most commonly used data service in today's world.

LycaMobile does also offer 2G and 3G however both data technologies are very slow and it is not very reliable.

LycaMobile Network 5G

What does 5G offer? Compared to 4G, 5G is on another level especially when you a looking at the speed differences. 5G offers speed like no other data service that exists and customers will quickly experience the difference in speed once they have switched to 5G.

5G offers a much more reliable connection in regards to being in crowded places and there is no video buffering whereas 4G will struggle with these factors. For gamers 5G speed and quality is perfect for you.

Unfortunately, LycaMobile doesn't currently offer 5G data technology but it is important to understand what 5G offers because when LycaMobile network does acquire 5G and it will, hopefully this year of 2020 then LycaMobile will have the best data technology in the world.

O2 now has 5G data technology and because they have a partnership with LycaMobile network UK it is only a matter of time for LycaMobile network to acquire 5G, so stay tuned.

What is good and what's not good about LycaMobile coverage?

The best part about LycaMobile is that it is linked to O2 network so it means that LycaMobile customers will get the same coverage as O2 customers.

This is a good sign for all LycaMobile because O2 is one of the main or well-known network providers so you are promised good overage.

The LycaMobile coverage map gives you a clear display of what areas have coverage in the United Kingdom. The LycaMobile coverage map will show you what areas have a strong signals and what areas have no coverage.

There is a key on the LycaMobile coverage map that shows what areas have good signal indoors and outdoors so it is important to look at the LycaMobile coverage map.

However, there are some problems that will effect the coverage such as bad weather with heavy rain. Heavy rain will cause really slow service or even a loss of signal and even being building underground or with thick walls will cause a loss of signal.

Overall, LycaMobile network UK has a good coverage for the United Kingdom and LycaMobile customers will benefit from O2's network because it will allow you to have good coverage.

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