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Save money with a O2 Free Screen Replacement

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Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Everyone who owns a smartphone has had a broken screen before and it is one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences.

Therefore, O2 is now offering customers the ability to save money by getting a free screen replacement, find out how.

What is Free Insurance?

O2 has set up 'Free Insurance' to allow customers a one free claim to get their smartphone screen fixed.

The 'Free Insurance' will cover a broken screen, hardware damage, lost or stolen mobile. However, to be sure members are advised, they should check the O2 terms and conditions for 'Finance-and-Insurance' on the official O2 website.

A free insurance is only valid for only 24 months and can only be used by the owner of the phone; unfortunately, clients cannot transfer the free screen replacement to a family member or close friend.

There is no exchanging the free insurance for cash and customers must be 18 years old when they make a qualifying purchase.

How to claim a O2 Free Screen Replacement

If you are a new O2 customer or upgrading then you'll qualify for a free screen replacement but only if you've made a 'Qualifying Purchase'.

A 'Qualifying Purchase' is a tariff or handset deal from O2 that offers free insurance.

For example, not every O2 deal will provide O2 free insurance and some customers will miss out depending on when the purchase was made during the year or the stock availability of O2.

A 'Qualify Purchase' is different from a standard O2 deal as it has its own terms which customer should be aware of before signing up.

Customers shouldn't be discouraged as they can check on the official O2 website for info of when there are free insurance deals.

How to cancel Free Insurance

If clients want to cancel their free insurance deal, they have 14 days in the 'Change-Your-Mind' period to make this claim.

If the claim to cancel the deal is approved, then customers will be revoked from the free insurance deal, however, if their claim is denied they must stay in the contract.

More info on how to get a Free Screen Replacement

As soon as you've made a purchase for the free insurance deal, O2 recommends that you keep your receipt or the online order confirmation.

This will be handy when you make your claim for a free screen replacement.

It is important to know that if O2 is fixing your phone and there is a loss of applications on the mobile phone, O2 will not be responsible for this.

If there is any damage to the network or software of the smartphone, O2 will not be held accountable under the terms and agreement of free insurance.

Therefore, this is the downfall about the free insurance deal as customers can be frustrated if they've lost important applications or their software is not working, as it should be.


There are positives and negatives to claiming an O2 free screen replacement. Saving money and getting your screen fixed for free is the main benefit.

However, the chances of losing applications or software damage may not be worth the risk.

But if it does make sense to join a plan that promises to fix your smartphone screen if it breaks.

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