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Last update: May 29, 2023
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It is always a good sign when customers give their honest opinion about a certain service because it keeps O2 honest. The O2 customer service team always puts their best foot forward to try and give O2 customers the best experience.

Top mobile of O2
RateData Calls Coverage
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O2 Unlimited Data 12 monthso2
Unlimited Unlimited O2 Without promotion £35/pm
The O2 Unlimited Data 18 monto2
Unlimited Unlimited O2 Without promotion £33/pm
O2 100GB 18 monthso2
100 GB Unlimited O2 £12.50 p/m
O2 100GB 5G 18 monthso2
100 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £25/pm
O2 50GB 30 dayso2
50 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £47/pm
O2 60GB 12 monthso2
60 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £25/pm
O2 40GB 30 dayso2
40 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £40/pm
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O2 Customer Service Experiences

Sometime the O2 customer service team does not perform to the customers standards and will result in the O2 customer having a poor experience.

O2 can use this opportunity as a learning curve and make adjustments to prevent this from happening again. If O2 customer service team gets positive feedback O2 must continue to build on this.

O2 insurance feedback is also very important as O2 encourages customers to join O2 insurance to keep their devices safe.

The O2 network customer feedback can relate to how customers feel about services such as O2 mobile broadband.

The O2 Unlimited Data 18 mont
Minimun term: 18 months
Data Unlimited

Calls Unlimited
Total £33p/m
taxes included

O2 customer service review Negative and Positive Feedback

Positive and negative reviews will always benefit a company by giving them an opportunity to work on their weaknesses, but also build on their strengths.

O2 customers service will always have both positive and negative reviews but O2 just needs to focus on minimising negative customer experience and continue to create a better experience for O2 customers.

A O2 customers who explained that they have experience poor customer care is not a good review and the O2 customer service team will be doing their best work to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

However, whenever there is a negative experience there will always be some positive experience.

For example, a very happy and pleased O2 customer states how O2 customer service is excellent.

This will uplift the O2 customer service team giving them confidence that they are doing a good job.

Another positive feedback from a customer was about how they bought a O2 mobile phone and had helped from a O2 employee to set everything up felt they had an awesome experience from the team.

The O2 customer service team should always see both negative and positive O2 customer feedback as chance to be a better carrier.

O2 60GB 12 months
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 60 GB

Calls Unlimited
Total £25p/m
taxes included

O2 Mobile Insurance

O2 Insurance is a service that will cover O2 customers mobile phones if they have an accident where their mobile phones are damaged.

There are two different types of O2 insurance covers such as O2 Insure - Damage cover and O2 Insure – Full cover.

O2 Insure – Damage cover will cover all accidents that will cause physical damage to your mobile device.

O2 Insure – Full cover will cover against accidental physical damage, if the mobile goes missing and if your mobile phone gets stolen. So it depends on what the O2 customers want.

In order to purchase a O2 Insurance it is simply over the phone and O2 customers must be of the age of 18.

O2 Mobile Insurance customer feedback

Hearing from O2 customers about their experiences with O2 insurance can give potentially attract more O2 customers to join O2 insurance.

For example, a O2 insurance customer explained how please she was about the experience. The customer had a damaged iPhone screen and the process to fix the damaged iPhone was quick and easy going. Another positive feature about this customers O2 insurance experience was the customer service she received from the O2 customer service team.

This will relate to positive customer service feedback and O2 Insurance following up on the great customer service to solve the issue as fast as possible and send the customer away with a positive experience.

If you are a O2 customer it will be very smart to join O2 insurance to make sure that your mobile phone device is covered.

O2 25GB 12 months
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 25 GB

Calls Unlimited
Total £28p/m
taxes included

O2 Mobile Broadband and Network Review Feedback

4G covers O2 Mobile Broadband so it is vital that customers receive the best version of 4G that O2 can offer. However, this does not mean that all O2 customers are happy with the service.

O2 Mobile broadband must be able to understand that both positive and negative O2 customer feedback is important to improve the service.

For example, negative comments that suggest O2 has the worst network is not good for O2 Mobile broadband as it gives potential O2 customers doubt about joining O2. These comments will give O2 the chance to improve their network so that O2 Mobile broadband customers can have the best service.

However, other O2 customers who are happy with how fast 4G network is so not only Mobile broadband users will benefit from this, but also O2 Sim only deal customers too.

O2 must make sure that they keep a high quality for network connection for 4G so O2 mobile broadband customers can be happy.

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