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Phone and broadband deals on SSE: packages and prices

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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SSE phone and broadband deals are designed to meet the network needs of the average user. This article will explore SSE phone and broadband deals, SSE phone and fiber broadband packages, phone and full fiber broadband packages on SSE, and extra call packages available with the SSE phone and broadband package.

SSE phone and broadband deals

SSE phone and broadband is an all-in-one offer. SSE does not offer any mobile or SIM-only service to users. However, all broadband packages come with line rental included. The downside is that you will need to pay for any extra calls, except if you have opted for a call package.

The call packages included with the SSE broadband packages can be Evening & Weekend, Anytime, and Anytime Plus.

Do note that SSE offers only Fibre broadband to ensure you of fast and reliable downloads, streaming, and gaming.

SSE phone and fibre broadband packages

SSE provides fibre broadband packages to new and existing customers depending on your specific choice and requirements.

Check out the fibre broadband plans available on SSE, their speeds, monthly payments, and whether they come with a call package or not.

Unlimited Fibre 35 23 No calls
Unlimited Fibre Plus 64 26 No calls
Unlimited Fibre with anytime landline 35 33 Anytime calls
Unlimited Fibre Plus with anytime landline 64 36 Anytime calls

Note that all deals above are for an eighteen (18) month contract. Also, you get a special discount if you are an SSE Energy customer or become one.

Phone and Full Fibre broadband on SSE

Full fibre broadband offers you faster speeds and more reliable connections than the standard fibre broadband packages. SSE has some full-fibre broadband options available to pick from, and we will explore them below.

Full Fibre 100 100 31
Full Fibre 200 200 38
Full Fibre 500 500 45
Full Fibre 900 900 55

All prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) AT TWENTY PERCENT (20%).

Note that the SSE broadband comes with a promise of no more frustrating broadband. Also, you can be sure there’ll be no sudden price hikes amid your contract term.

Phone and broadband on SSE: extra call packages

SSE provides extra call packages to users that intend to use their extra landline for calls either within the UK or internationally.

To qualify for the call package, you must, however, meet certain criteria, which include:

  • Must be a resident of Great Britain
  • Must have a suitable phone line
  • Must have no existing broadband service at the address provided.

Below are the call packages available on SSE:

Weekend Package

Here are the features of the weekend package.

  • Two-year contracts
  • Available for local and national calls
  • Available for UK mobile calls
  • The monthly cost of £16
  • It can be used only on weekends

Evening and Weekend Package

Here are the features of the Evening and weekend packages.

  • Two-year contracts
  • Available for local and national calls
  • Available for UK mobile calls
  • The monthly cost of £19
  • It can be used in the Evening and on weekends

Anytime Package

Here are the features of the Anytime package.

  • Available for local and national calls
  • Available for UK mobile calls
  • You can use it for fixed-line calls to thirty-five (35) international locations
  • The monthly cost of £25
  • You can use it at all times

Key things to note about the extra call packages on SSE

SSE has a fixed pattern for determining daytime, Evening, and weekend periods. For all call types, this is how SSE defines Daytime, Evening, and Weekend periods:

  • Daytime – Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm;
  • Evening – Monday to Friday, from 7 pm to 7 am;
  • Weekend – midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.

Note that you are charged extra fees for any call that exceeds the stated period. However, calls are charged at the same rates with which you started the call. Also, all prices include the twenty percent (20%) VAT.

Frequently asked questions about SSE’s broadband and phone packages

Can I get broadband on SSE without a phone line?

Yes, you do. You will need either a BT phone line or any other non-cable telephone line.

Do SSE phone and broadband packages include installation fees?

Generally, you do not need to pay an installation fee since a self-install router will be sent to you. However, if there is a need for an Engineer to assist with the installation, extra charges will apply.

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