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What network does Talkmobile use in the UK?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Talkmobile is very lucky to use Vodafone's network because Vodafone is a good network and it will benefit Talkmobile customers by giving them the exact same coverage as Vodafone customers. The Talkmobile coverage map is linked with the Vodafone coverage map.

What network does Talkmobile use?

Talkmobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and it must rely on a MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler), which means that Talkmobile must depend on another network so that they can carry out their coverage.

Therefore, Talkmobile uses Vodafone's network which is a good thing because Vodafone is one of the top or most well-known mobile network providers in the UK next to EE, Three and O2.

Vodafone offers their network to a lot of MVNO's in the UK so Talkmobile will have a similar coverage to Vodafone and to other carriers that depend on Vodafone's network.

Talkmobile is allowed to make their Talkmobile SIM only deals cheap because they don't have to worry about maintaining a network but can depend on Vodafone's network and focus on creating cheap and beneficial deals for you.

Talkmobile is a Carphone Warehouse company but in 2015 Vodafone bought Talkmobile so now Talkmobile is part of Vodafone which means that all the Vodafone customers who have Vodafone's reliable and fast 4G network all the Talkmobile customers will receive the same 4G network

So, it is a good thing that Talkmobile is linked with Vodafone because the Talkmobile customers will be the ones who benefit from this.

4G Talkmobile

Before getting all excited about Talkmobile 4G it is important to understand the other data technology that Talkmobile offers.

2G is one of the oldest internet generations and it offers a slow connection and is mostly used for sending a text or a picture message which as the best that 2G can do.

3G is the next level up and it offers a lot more than 2G because it allows you to browse on social media and video call and 3G actually works better on your Talkmobile than 2G does.

However, 4G is one of the most used networks in the UK, once you enable your 4G on your mobile phone you are able to stream music, videos and browse all over on social media with a much more rapid speed than 3G.

Fortunately, for Talkmobile customers that they are able to get 4G network on their Talkmobile SIM only deals.

5G Talkmobile

Talkmobile does not yet have 5G or has it had any plans on when they will acquire 5G technology, but Vodafone has 5G network in several big cities in the UK so hopefully Talk mobile make use of being powered by Vodafone and have plans to get 5G network.

Talkmobile coverage checker/map

The Talkmobile coverage map is important because it gives you a clear display of what areas have 4G Talkmobile coverage in the UK. Talkmobile uses Vodafone's network and Vodafone reaches 99.7% of the UK population.

Also, when you check the Talkmobile coverage map you can see what areas have 2G, 3G and 4G and it is significant to have 4G Talkmobile coverage because it is the best network that Talkmobile offers.

Simply just enter your location in the Network Status Checker on the Talkmobile website and the Talkmobile coverage map will zoom in on your area to see what your coverage is like.

Also be aware that the Talkmobile network coverage map is linked to the Vodafone coverage map because both Vodafone and Talkmobile customers have the exact same 4G coverage.

Problems with Talkmobile network

Even though Talkmobile is confident in the 4G Vodafone network there are still some problems that will cause you to have a weak signal or even a loss of signal.

Problems such as being in a crowded place like a stadium this can interrupt your signal and may cause some weak connection or being behind trees or in the mountain areas there is a good chance you could have no connection at all.

If the weather is really bad with heavy rain or you are in a building with thick walls or underground buildings you will have a loss of connection.

However, these are easy fixes as you can just change the environment you are in and see if that works, for example being in an underground building you can change your location for a better connection.

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