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What is Toople’s network and how to check its availability

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Last update: August 24, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

Toople Network is a collaboration-based service that works with the best internet service providers in the United Kingdom to bring you the best deals in the United Kingdom (UK). This article reviews what network Toople uses, what Toople's network offers, how to check if Toople's network is available, and the best options to enjoy Toople's network.

What network does Toople use?

Collaborations power Toople Network. It provides you with the best network services in collaboration with the top network providers in the UK. While Toople does not have a network of its own, its partnership with these companies makes it one of the best and cheapest options for businesses in the UK.

Toople promises the best speeds available on the market at lower prices than their competitors. In other words, you are getting great value at the best prices on the market. Some brands in partnership with Toople are BT, Gamma, Vonage, Plusnet, TalkTalk and Vodafone.

What does Toople’s network offer?

Toople offers the best network services in the UK at the lowest prices. With this company, there is a promise of speed as well as affordability. The combination of these factors makes their deals almost unbeatable.

Toople Network offers only the best deals in the industry at a given time. In other words, whenever you visit Toople, you can be sure of the best deals on the market. Also, you can get product combinations on a single deal that you could not have bargained for on your own.

With Toople, you can get the following services for your business:

  • Broadband
  • Cloud Voice
  • Mobile
  • Calls and Lines
  • Cloud Services

Their packages also come with a few regular features, including:

  • Adequate support
  • Unlimited Data
  • Fixed prices for your contract duration on most packages
  • Line Rental included
  • WiFi routers in most bundles

How to check if Toople’s network is available

Toople Network is available in the majority of the UK. The company has connections with the UK's top telecom providers. In other words, on Toople, you can access the best service at your location. Toople can get you the best internet connection wherever you are in the UK.

You can easily check availability at your location by visiting Toople's website and filling out an engagement form that helps capture your details and find the best deals based on your location. You must ensure you provide your postcode, as this is the best way to check network availability around you.

Best options to enjoy Toople’s network

First, note that all of Toople's broadband offerings include Line rental. Here are some of the best packages available on the Toople network:

Business Broadband

Toople offers business broadband services at competitive prices to ensure you are always well-connected in your business. The best business broadband package available is the BT Halo for business.

BT Halo is a Fibre 76 Essential plus Digital Line for only £27.95. Toople Network offers standard Superfast and Ultrafast broadband packages with speeds up to 314 Megabits per second (Mbps). You can also add an unlimited 5G Sim for an extra £15.


  • Unbreakable WiFi
  • Guaranteed customer support at all times
  • WiFi across your entire workspace

Cloud Voice Phones

Toople also offers unique cloud voice phones that allow you to manage calls wherever you are. This package is called the BT Cloud Voice Express.

BT Cloud Voice Express offers you Fibre Broadband, a Digital Phone Line, and a free Handset. It combines the unbeatable broadband of BT and the newest digital mobile experience at one price. You can enjoy this service for £12 per month.


  • Suitable for working with your team to ensure efficiency
  • The best call quality for your business and team interactions
  • Lower call costs since it is a cloud-based system and subject to cost management
  • You can keep your existing business phone numbers

SIM- Only Mobile

You can also get the best mobile deals for your business with Toople. From £8.99 a month, get access to the best and cheapest Mobile service.

All SIM-only packages include:

  • Prices shown are per month and exclude VAT
  • Unlimited Texts
  • You get to use your allowance for EU roaming (exc. specified Unlimited SIMs)
  • Access to UK's fastest 4G network
  • Unlimited UK Calls
  • No sudden price increments for the duration of your contract

Frequently Asked Questions about Toople’s Network

How do I Contact Toople for Sales and Support?

Call Toople on 08000 499 499

Does Toople handle Switching Network Providers?

Yes, they do. When you contact Toople, they can help you handle everything relating to switching your provider.

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