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Toople broadband reviews: is it any good for your business?

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Last update: October 2, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

Toople broadband reviews give an overview of Toople. This article focuses on stating the major pros and cons as well as the broadband package, speed, and customer service.

Toople broadband reviews: pros and cons

Toople is a new network provider in the UK started by UK entrepreneur Guy Jarvis. Toople provides small businesses and large businesses with high-speed internet access for an affordable price. However, what are your users saying about Toople? Is it worth switching? There are many great reviews out there from customers that talk about the advantages of Toople.

The major pros include:

  • Free broadband is available with some contracts.
  • On all plans with UK contact centres, it offers unlimited data usage.
  • Positive customer feedback.
  • Toople offers some of the most competitive deals on the market, with fast speeds and unlimited data available at affordable prices.
  • Customers can set up their accounts online, allowing them to get started right away and start enjoying their broadband connection as soon as it arrives in the post or by courier.

The major cons are:

  • Small and newly established provider
  • Customer support and issues are only available during weekday business hours.
  • While Toople does offer broadband packages, they do not offer any TV packages, which means if you want TV, there are plenty of other providers out there that might be better suited for your needs.

Review of Toople broadband: packages and prices

Toople offers a range of different plans depending on what you are looking for, whether you want more data or just want something simple and cheap. With their fibre optic connections, there is no limit on the amount of data you can use.

For those wanting to keep track of business expenses, Toople offers fixed business broadband with no price increases guaranteed for the duration of the contract period. Calls are included in their primary broadband package, but it's important to note that mobiles are expressly not included in the inclusive offer.

Additionally, they do not believe in price increases, so they will not raise the amount you pay at any point during the term of your contract.

On their pages for business broadband and home broadband, you can see the products they offer. To assess the product speed, we can provide you as part of the sales process, they will run a speed test on your address and postcode if you choose a product. Some of the links will take you to a provider's page where, as part of their sales procedure, they will check the speeds offered.

There are three distinct advertised speeds for Toople's plans.

  • Regular Internet: Download speeds of up to 24Mbps
  • Fibre Lite: 10Mbps upload and 40Mbps download
  • Fibre XL: 20 Mbps upload and 84 Mbps download

Toople broadband review: other services

Toople offers a lot more than just broadband. They also offer mobile and phone plans, so you can get all of your internet-related needs from one place.

The Toople mobile plan is very affordable and includes unlimited calling to other Toople numbers. The phone plan also includes unlimited calling to Toople numbers.

Toople is a great choice for those who want to get their internet from one company but don't want to be tied down by the same phone plan. They offer a variety of options, including unlimited calling minutes, unlimited texting, and even SIM-only plans.

Reviews of Toople customer care service

Toople's customer service is a vital part of the company. It's the first point of contact for customers and can make or break their experience with the company. Toople has made it clear that they want to provide the best possible experience for their customers by hiring only the very best in the industry.

The staff at Toople cares deeply about what they do and understands that their job is crucial to making sure that everyone has a great time at Toople. They're not just there to answer questions—they're there to make sure you have an incredible time on Toople, and they'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

The only drawback of Toople’s customer service is its availability. They are only available from Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm which means they can not provide 24 hours support for their users,

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