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Broadband on Utility Warehouse: prices and package

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Utility warehouse broadband gives you access to amazing internet speeds from the comfort of your home. This article will help you understand the different packages on utility warehouse and available offers in your area.

Prices of broadband on Utility Warehouse

The table below provides detailed information on broadband packages and prices on utility warehouse.

Utility warehouse broadband packages Utility warehouse broadband speeds Utility warehouse broadband features Utility warehouse broadband price
Ultra 35MBPS Great for big households or multiple devices. £21.60
Ultra Plus 63MBPS Great for streaming HD videos on multiple devices and seamless video calls. £27.90
Full fibre 100 100MBPS Great for online gaming on multiple devices. £27.90
Full fibre 500 500MBPS Great for heavy usage on multiple devices. £39.60

Broadband packages available on Utility Warehouse

There are currently four different broadband packages available on utility warehouse. They are as follows:

  1. Ultra
  2. Ultra Plus
  3. Full fibre 100
  4. Full fibre 500

What speeds does Utility Warehouse broadband offer?

The table below details the upload and download speeds for each utility warehouse broadband package.

Utility warehouse broadband packages Utility warehouse broadband download speeds Utility warehouse broadband upload speeds
Ultra 35MBPS 9MBPS
Ultra Plus 63MBPS 18MBPS
Full fibre 100 100MBPS 50MBPS
Full fibre 500 500MBPS Not known

Ultra and Ultra Plus Broadband on Utility Warehouse


The utility warehouse Ultra-broadband package is great for families with bigger houses. It has an average download speed of 35MBPS and an upload speed of 9MBPS, which is perfect for browsing your favourite sites on multiple devices simultaneously. It costs £21.60.

Ultra Plus

This utility warehouse broadband package is perfect for streaming HD videos on multiple devices and seamless video calls. It has an average download speed of 63MBPS and an upload speed of 18MBPS. To enjoy this package, you must sign up for an 18-monthly contract at £27.90 per month.

Full fibre: the fastest Utility Warehouse broadband yet

The utility warehouse full fibre packages (full fibre 100 and full fibre 500) are the utility warehouse's ultrafast broadband packages. They are only available to customers in certain locations. Find details on these two packages below.

Full fibre 100

The UW full fibre 100 broadband package has an upload speed of 50MBPS and a download speed of 100MBPS. It is the perfect choice for houses with multiple gamers using the internet simultaneously. Like the Ultra plus package, it costs £27.90 per month for an 18-months contract.

Full fibre 500

This package has an upload speed of 500MBPS, which is great for multiple heavy users using the internet simultaneously. It costs £39.60 monthly for an 18-months contract.

Bundle your Utility Warehouse broadband.

On utility warehouse, you can get bonuses such as discounts and cashback if you switch your services to utility warehouse. These include

5% discount

Customers who transfer their energy with two or three additional services will receive a 5% discount (bill protector and house insurance are excluded. Boiler and house insurance are also not included for tenants). Customers who purchase electricity or only energy and one other service will receive lower discounts.

Only customers on variable energy tariffs paying by Direct Debit with credit metres are eligible for the discount, which is calculated at a flat rate using the typical consumption (typical domestic consumption values set by Ofgem) on payment by Direct Debit, as opposed to the Government's energy price cap level for default energy tariffs. The discount percentage may be higher or lower depending on your actual consumption.

10% discount

You can save 10% on the price of your broadband service if you bundle it with mobile service from Utility Warehouse (Broadband includes a Home Phone if it is required as part of your Broadband connection). At the property, you must be an owner-occupier.

Alternatively, suppose you are a tenant and are an established tenant, which means you have been a UW client for a continuous period of at least two years and have no unpaid balances on your UW account. In that case, you may qualify for the discount.

You will only be eligible for a discount on one Broadband service if you have more than one on your account. The usual monthly rate for your broadband service is reduced by 10% when you use the broadband discount. The 10% Broadband Discount does not include any call costs, call bundles or other Broadband charges; it is applied to the basic monthly fee for your Broadband subscription.

£200 to cover early termination costs

When you switch at least three of your services—energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance (except home insurance)—and you're a new customer, you're eligible for £200 to help you switch. If you have to pay your current providers' termination fees, UW will credit your account up to £200. Customers who are renters are subject to additional regulations.

£50 Cashback Credit on Card

Qualifying clients who move their energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance package (either Boiler Home Cover or Income Protector) to us will receive credit on their first top-up. The cashback credit has a six-month usage requirement.

Frequently asked questions about Utility Warehouse broadband.

Can I get broadband-only deals on Utility Warehouse?

Yes, you can.

Can I add calls to my Utility Warehouse phone and broadband?

Yes, you can.

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