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Mobile on Utility Warehouse: deals on SIM Only and Unlimited plans

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Learn utility warehouse mobile: discover sim-only deals and unlimited plans. Also, find prices, features and lengths of contracts on different plans and offers.

Mobile on Utility Warehouse

You can get the latest mobile devices at utility warehouse at a fair price. The table below details various popular devices, including contract length and prices.

Phone Cost Monthly Contract length
iPhone 12 £28 24 months
iPhone 13 £32 24 months
iPhone 14 £36 24 months
iPhone 14 pro £47 24 months
Google Pixel 6 £24 24 months
Galaxy S22 £32 24 months
Galaxy S22 Ultra £47 24 months
Galaxy A53 £17 24 months
Galaxy A23 £12 24 months

SIM Only mobile on Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse customers can choose from two different utility warehouse sim deals. They are:

  1. Unlimited Sim: This option comes with unlimited data, calls and text messages. For just £18 per month for the first sim and £12 per month for subsequent sims, you can enjoy unlimited calls, texts and messages anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  2. Value Sim: This sim is for customers who prefer low-cost, daily plans. For £12 a month, you can enjoy 5GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts.

Unlimited SIM with Utility Warehouse mobile

Utility Warehouse customers can enjoy unlimited calls, data and text on their sims. All they have to do is purchase a utility warehouse unlimited sim for £18 per month. The contract for this package is a 30 days rolling contract. Customers who purchase more than one sim card get a discount of £6 on each extra sim they purchase.

Utility warehouse uses the EE network, which is available to more than 95% of all Uk residents. UW is cheaper than other major sim providers in the UK and is worth considering if you're planning to switch networks.

Below is a table comparing UW unlimited sim plan to similar plans from other popular mobile networks in the United Kingdom

Utility Warehouse O2 Vodafone giffgaff
Cost £18 £36 £35 £41
Length of Contract One month One month One month One month

Value mobile on Utility Warehouse

The utility warehouse value sim is for customers who do not necessarily need unlimited mobile data. It is common for customers with broadband connections who do not spend much time away from home to prefer this sim plan. These customers only use their mobile data as a backup or when they are away from home.

Customers on this plan can enjoy unlimited calls and texts but not unlimited data; they get only a 5GB allowance monthly.

How to activate your mobile on Utility Warehouse

If you get your phone from utility warehouse, your phone will come activated, and you do not need to do anything extra.

If you purchased a sim from UW to use on your old phone, you must ensure that your phone is unlocked. If it is already unlocked, you can insert your sim card and use it immediately. If not, you need to contact the store or network provider you purchased your phone from and ask to unlock your mobile phone.

Frequently asked questions about mobile on Utility Warehouse.

Are there Pay As You Go mobile SIMs on Utility Warehouse?

No. There aren't any PAYG plans on utility warehouse.

How long are mobile contracts on Utility Warehouse?

There are no contracts on utility warehouse mobile sim plans.

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