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Vodafone fibre broadband: how to get it and coverage

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Last update: August 23, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

Vodafone fibre broadband deals are designed to give you the best internet connectivity. In this article, we will explore Vodafone fibre broadband, how to get it, what area it covers, and whether this service is a good service for your broadband services.

What is Vodafone fibre broadband?

Vodafone fibre broadband uses optical fibre technology to transmit data, giving you speeds much higher than regular broadband. This fibre is usually connected to your home using an opening, usually through the same point as your telephone line. It then connects to your modem to get a network signal.

You are provided with the fibre optic cable connected directly from Vodafone’s network to your premises. This connection can be made by underground channels using ducts or via an overhead connection using telegraph poles.

How to get fibre broadband with Vodafone

Vodafone offers its users a full-fibre broadband plan. Vodafone fibre broadband is slightly different from many other offers on the market: unlike other broadband providers, when you subscribe to the Vodafone service, you get the fibre optic cable installed right into your home.

Moreover, you can access Vodafone’s Broadband service by subscribing to any of their broadband packages. Vodafone offers three main broadband packages. They are the Vodafone Broadband, Vodafone Broadband Pro and Vodafone Broadband Pro Xtra.

Vodafone Broadband

This offers regular Broadband services from Vodafone. As a new subscriber, Vodafone offers two main broadband packages.

  • Vodafone Superfast 1: this comes with an assurance from Vodafone for download speeds of up to 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) or cash back. It provides an average download speed of 38Mbps and attracts a monthly fee of twenty (20) pounds. This package is the cheapest broadband package provided by Vodafone.
  • Vodafone Superfast 2: This is a mid-level fibre broadband service. It is suitable if multiple devices connect to your broadband network. It has a guaranteed minimum speed of 55Mbps. It provides an average download speed of 76Mbps and attracts a monthly fee of twenty-nine (29) pounds.

Vodafone Broadband Pro

The Vodafone Pro service is relatively new and is aimed at individuals who work from home. It comprises faster speeds than offered on regular broadband services.

Some of the services offered on Vodafone Pro are listed below.

1. Vodafone Pro Superfast 1 100 33
2. Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 910 53
3. Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 200 200 38
4. Vodafone Pro Superfast 200 67 30
5. Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 500 500 43

Please note that all plans are for a twenty-four (24) month contract.

Vodafone Broadband Pro Xtra

This provides users with both a broadband package and an Apple TV service which comes for three months free with the Superfast 1 extra package and the Superfast 2 extra package.

As an extra, Vodafone offers the Vodafone Together service, which gives you discounts on your mobile and broadband packages when you subscribe to both services with Vodafone.

Fibre broadband on Vodafone: coverage and where it is available

To start with, Vodafone is a fibre-only service. This means that all Vodafone broadband packages are fibre. However, an idea of where the Vodafone network connects is important for intending users and new users looking to move homes with Vodafone. Generally, Vodafone services are available in most parts of the UK apart from the Gigafast service, which still has a limited reach.

To confirm if the Vodafone network is available at your address, log on to the Vodafone Global Infrastructure Map. Next, insert your address, and you can easily run a search.

Review on Vodafone fibre broadband: is it good?

Deciding if the Vodafone fibre broadband is a good choice depends on several factors that you can consider. Here are the Pros and Cons of the Vodafone Fibre Broadband.


  • Vodafone offers some of the cheapest broadband plans in the market.
  • Get access to amazing speeds with the Vodafone ultrafast and gigafast services.
  • Vodafone Xtra and Vodafone Together get you great side deals with your broadband.


  • Some users have complained of Vodafone’s broadband being less reliable than other providers.
  • The customer service options have not been properly optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone fibre broadband.

What router can I use with the Vodafone fibre optic plan?

Vodafone fibre optic plans come with Vodafone’s latest router.

What rewards do the Vodafone broadband plans come with?

You can get an Amazon Gift Card from £50 to £100.

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