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Vodafone Deals 2020

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Vodafone has a lot of different deals such as SIM only plans, broadband deals, monthly iPads and mobile phones. Customers have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of deals that will hopefully give them value.

Vodafone SIM only Deals

One of the best features about choosing a mobile plan from a big provider like Vodafone is there will be plenty of choices to select from.

Customers can choose a 30day contract, which provides flexibility as they can cancel at the end of the month and not be tied down to a lengthy contract.

However, if clients prefer to be in a long-term contract then customers can choose from a 12 or 24month deal. Majority of the SIM only deals offer unlimited minutes and texts, so staying connected to family and friends will be easy.

Customers can fly around Europe and visit amazing destinations such as Barcelona or Lisbon and pay no extra costs but your current plan with Vodafone roaming.

5G is here

Vodafone does offer a decent 4G coverage speed but now clients are able to get 5G technology, which is the fastest data technology in the UK. However, to receive 5G you must live in an area that offers 5G and have a mobile phone that is capable of 5G.

Vodafone Broadband Deals

Vodafone broadband deals are designed to target everyone; for example, if clients want superfast Fibre Internet, then a Gigafast broadband deal is one of the best options.

With unrivalled speed and up to 900 Mbps average download speed and unlimited data usage, multiple devices can all operate at the same time and gamers will enjoy the quality of the Wi-Fi.

The Superfast Broadband offers different types of speed but, if members choose the right plan, they can get a deal with a one-year Apple TV+ subscription for free.

If you are planning to move into a new house and need a temporary Wi-Fi, then the Gigacube deals might be ideal for you; customers can choose between a 18month and 30day contract.

Also, Gigacube deals offer 5G technology, so if you stream videos the quality will be high standard and there won't be any buffering compared to a 4G service.

Vodafone iPad

Looking for the next Apple or Samsung Tablet? Vodafone has cheap monthly prices that will make customers happy. The iPad 10.2 32GB and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite are some of the latest tablets on the market.

If customers prefer another brand, such as Huawei then clients have the option of the Huawei MediaPad T3 10 on a monthly rate for £12.00.

Vodafone Mobile Phone

Join a monthly plan to get your hands on that new phone you've always wanted. The price for an iPhone 11 is £58.00 a month, which can be a little expensive compared to other providers but Vodafone offers other Apple iPhones at a cheaper price.

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G is a great mobile phone because not only does it have awesome features such as a high-quality camera, but also it is 5G ready. This means as long as they are in a 5G coverage area, customers will be able to use this phone to get the best data technology in the UK.

There are so many different mobile phone brands that Vodafone offers but Apple and Samsung are the most popular.

What is Black Friday?

Customers have the luxury of having periods during the year where Vodafone gives them amazing bargains that will offer super cheap deals on mobile phones, SIM only plans, accessories and many more.

Clients must sign up to find out more information about 2020 Black Friday announcements and what they can get from this years discounts.

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