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Zen Internet for Business: connectivity and cloud solutions for your company

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Zen business broadband refers to solutions created by Zen Internet to ensure that their business customers get tailor-made broadband services that provide that all their internet needs are properly catered for. In this article, we will be looking at what services Zen for business offers. We will also explore broadband on Zen Internet Business: connectivity solutions, cloud solutions with Zen Internet for Business, and how to connect your company with Zen Internet for Business.

What does Zen for Business offer?

Zen business broadband solutions are designed to ensure that whatever kind of business you run, you get the best deals regarding your internet subscriptions. Zen typically divides businesses into two categories based on their size. These categories are Business and Enterprise.

The product offerings for both categories are generally the same and only differ in their scope or magnitude. Some of the products offered by Zen for business are:

  • Network Solutions
  • Voice
  • Cloud and hosting
  • Amazon web services
  • Security

Broadband on Zen Internet Business: connectivity solutions

One of the major concerns of any business owner is how to enjoy fast and seamless connections and speeds when it comes to internet connectivity. Poor links can lead to poor turnover time and even demotivation for your staff. Zen recognizes this and has come out with business solutions that you can choose from.

Zen business broadband has great package offers for small, medium, and large businesses. They also offer tailor-made services for larger firms depending on your needs.

Products and Services for Business

\Zen Internet offers the following broadband options for businesses:

  1. Fast ADSL broadband: This basic broadband package is suitable for very small businesses.


  • Line rental included
  • From £27 a month
  • Upload speed of about 1 Megabit per second (Mbps)
  • Download speed of about 10Mbps
  1. Superfast broadband: This is Zen’s fibre broadband offering and is suitable for businesses involving heavy streaming and downloading.


  • From £35 a month
  • £25 activation fee
  • Upload speed of up to eighteen 18Mbps
  • Download speed of up to 67Mbps
  1. Ultrafast FTTP and G.Fast broadband: This is the full fibre broadband that uses Fibre to the premises (FTTP). This is the best speed offering available on Zen for business.


  • Full fibre data only prices
  • From £38.50 a month
  • Average upload speed of about 100Mbps
  • Average download speed of about 900Mbps

Cloud solutions with Zen Internet for Business

Zen for business takes care of all your cloud and hosting needs with products that are suited to you. Here are some of the cloud solutions available on Zen Internet:

  1. Hosting: Zen Internet offers secure hosting in the United Kingdom (UK) for your business’ website. They have hosting packages for you to choose from depending on what suits your business. The hosting package starts at £6.99 for the basic bronze package and up to £39.99 for the reseller package.
  2. Domains: Zen Internet also helps you with your domain renewal, management, or transfer if you have registered for the service.
  3. Microsoft 365: Zen Internet takes care of your critical It for you and your team.

Other cloud solutions available on Zen Internet include SSL certificates and Colocation from Zen.

Cybersecurity from Zen Internet for Business

Cyber theft has been on the increase in recent times, making it necessary for businesses to take cybersecurity more seriously than ever. Zen Internet helps you have a proactive approach to securing your business data online with Security solutions for you.

Here are some of the Security services available from Zen Internet for business:

  1. Penetration Testing involves running security tests on your system, identifying key risk areas, and resolving them.
  2. Managed Detection Response (MDR): This involves round-the-clock monitoring of your network for any threats and dealing with threats.
  3. DNS Security: This provides umbrella protection against threats like malware and ransomware.

Other cloud solutions available on Zen Internet include Managed firewalls and cyber checks.

Connect your company with Zen Internet for Business

Connecting your company with Zen Internet for business is quite simple. Once you have decided what package suits you, you can take any of the following steps:

  • Fill and submit your order form to Zen
  • Send Zen a message via Live chat and get help from their customer support team
  • You can also call Zen on their designated phone line.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zen Internet for Business

How do I contact Zen for Business?

Contact Zen on 01706 902583 for small businesses and 01706 902001 for large companies.

Can I get a broadband deal without a phone line?

Yes, you can. You need to contact Zen.

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