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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Zen broadband deals remain some of the best in the market. This article will look at what deals you can get on Zen internet, Zen Internet broadband deals, Zen Internet landline deals, and phone and broadband deals on Zen.

What deals can you get on Zen Internet?

Zen broadband deals are some of the best options available to users looking for fast and reliable internet service in the United Kingdom (UK). Zen internet started by getting a reputation as one of the best business options in the UK and has expanded its services to Home broadband. While the services offered by Zen Internet are not the cheapest around, they are some of the most reliable and guarantee excellent customer service.

Some of the deals available on Zen Internet include:

  • Broadband-only packages,
  • Phone and broadband deals,
  • Call Packages, and
  • Landline deals

Zen Internet broadband deals

Getting the best broadband deals with Zen Internet is about having the right information. Zen typically offers two types of broadband packages for users. They are:

  1. Superfast broadband packages: This is a fibre broadband offering. Get download speeds between Thirty-one (31) Mbps and sixty-seven (67) Mbps.
  2. Ultrafast broadband packages: This full fiber broadband offers download speeds of up to nine hundred (900) Mbps.

Superfast Broadband Packages

Zen internet offers fibre broadband guaranteed to be very fast and quite reliable. Here are the packages available with Superfast broadband from Zen Internet.

Unlimited Fibre 1 6 31 30
Unlimited Fibre 2 18 67 34

All packages have the following features:

  • They come without a phone rental.
  • They are for 18 month contracts.
  • There is a £15 set up fee.

Ultrafast Broadband Packages

Zen Internet offers just a single Ultrafast broadband package. Here are the features:

  • Upload speeds of up to 90Mbps
  • Download speeds of up to 900 Mbps
  • Monthly charge of £59.99
  • Set up fee of £55
  • 24 months contract

Note that Zen Internet’s Ultrafast broadband is only available to about 5% of users in the UK.

Zen Internet landline deals

Zen Internet provides phone line rental options to help you stay connected always. Here are the basic packages available:

Line Rental 16.99
Line Rental Plus 6.51
Calls to Mobiles 6.00
International Calls 7.20

Phone and broadband deals on Zen

When attached to phone deals, Zen broadband deals give you the best tailor-made experience. Zen Internet does not offer fixed phone and broadband package options but allows you to combine your phone and broadband packages as you like.

In other words, you get to choose any broadband deals available on Zen and combine them with any phone line rental options to give you the best experience possible.

Here are some combinations you can try out:

Unlimited Fibre 1 with digital voice 35 36 15
Unlimited Fibre 2 with digital voice 66 48 15
Full fibre 900 Data only 900 55 15
Full fibre 100 with digital voice 100 41 15
Full fibre 300 Data only 300 40 15

Call packages on Zen Internet: upgrade your home phone

Zen Internet packages typically come with call-as-you-go options. However, if you would like to request special Calls Packages, here are some available options.

  1. Line Rental: This comes at a monthly rate of £16.99. This is a standard landline option that provides value for your money.
  2. Line Rental Plus: This comes at a monthly rate of £6.51. It gives you unlimited anytime calls to 01, 02, and 03 landline numbers.
  3. Calls to Mobiles: This comes at a monthly rate of £6. You can choose from 250 mins, 500 mins, or 2000 mins. It is available to call most networks in the UK.
  4. International Calls: This comes at a monthly rate of £7.2. You can choose from 250, 500, or 2,000 minutes of calls per month to overseas numbers depending on the frequency of your calls overseas.

Are there other offers on Zen Internet?

Zen Internet typically offers just Broadband only packages, Phone and broadband deals, Call Packages, and Landline deals. There isn’t much by way of incentives or perks for existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zen Broadband Deals

How do I know what deal is most suited to me?

Zen Internet generally advises customers and potential customers on the best deals based on their needs and postcodes.

How do I Contact Zen Internet?

Contact Zen Internet at 01706 902 573

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