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Last update: October 2, 2023
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Customers are fortunate to have a range of SIM only deals to choose from and they can select the right plan that offers enough data, minutes and texts. There are tons of benefits that come with every ASDA mobile SIM only plan, so no matter what deal clients choose, they will find value in it.

Top mobile of ASDA
RateData Calls Coverage
PriceSubscribe by
Unlimited Minutes 15GBasda
15 GB Unlimited EE £25/pm
12GB Unlimited Minutesasda
12 GB Unlimited EE £20/pm
5GB 800 Minutesasda
5 GB 800 min EE £12/pm
4GB 600 Minutesasda
4 GB 600 min EE £10/pm
2GB 300 Minutesasda
2 GB 300 min EE £7/pm
500MB 200 Minutesasda
500 M B 200 min EE £5/pm
Source: Roams, price comparison from the official information provided and/or advertised by the telco companies. Deals are shown for individuals de mobile deASDA.Ordered by best deal. Final prices with VAT. Updated at October 2, 2023.

Benefits of ASDA Mobile SIM only plans

One of the best features of ASDA mobile SIM only plans is that they offer affordable deals. ASDA mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), so it uses another network, in this case EE, which allows them to focus on creating cheap SIM only deals.

This means that everyone in the United Kingdom can join a SIM only plan and not have a financial burden. Another benefit is that there are no contracts, so members have the flexibility of choosing a new plan every month at the end of the 30-day deal.

Because ASDA mobile uses EE's network, it means that their customers will have the same 4G reliable data technology that EE members have. EE covers the most population in the UK, which also means ASDA mobile customers will share the same 4G coverage.

The ASDA mobile customer service team is known for their great service, which is proven through positive client feedback. Therefore, if customers have any problems or questions with their SIM only deals, they can reach out to the support team.

Customers are able to roam all over the EU with every SIM only plan, so don't worry about extra charges when travelling to your favourite destinations in Europe, just enjoy and stay connected with friends and family back home.

ASDA Mobile SIM only deals

There are plenty of SIM only deals to choose from and each plan offers a different amount of data, minutes and texts. However, the best plan is the ASDA Mobile 15GB deal that provides unlimited minutes and texts.

This is the best plan because it offers the most data, which means browsing on social media or watching YouTube videos longer with a lot of data. Every ASDA mobile SIM only plan offers unlimited texts, so staying connected with family and friends will be no problem.

Unfortunately, not all ASDA mobile SIM only deals offer unlimited minutes but there are packages that provide this service.

Does ASDA Mobile offer a pay as you go service?

ASDA mobile does offer pay as you go deals, which are simple and quick to join:

  1. Customers can order a free SIM card,
  2. Then register online with the information in the SIM card packaging
  3. Once members have registered, they have to top up and they are all set to go!

Benefits of ASDA Mobile pay as you go deals

Customers are able to minimise their spending by only paying for what they want, so that they don't have to force themselves to finish unused data and minutes. Clients will have the feeling of being flexible by being able to control how much and when they want to top up.

Members will not be checked for their credit, so getting started won't be a hassle and PAYG customers are eligible for ASDA mobile's roaming to 50 European destinations. Pay as you go rates are cheap with calls that cost 8p per min and 5p per MB. Members will get EE 4G data technology, which is UK's fastest network.

Does ASDA Mobile offer 5G?

Unfortunately, ASDA mobile does not have any 5G deals or have made any indication that they will acquire 5G technology. However, EE does offer 5G and ASDA mobile is using their network so hopefully one day they will be able to create deals with 5G.


If you are looking for a cheap and reliable SIM only and pay as you go deal, ASDA mobile might be the right option. They offer a ton of benefits that will make any customer happy. The fact that they use EE's reliable and consistent 4G network shows how good of a mobile network provider they are. For a MVNO they do a great job to stand out in a competitive market.

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