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What is an ASDA mobile bundle?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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An ASDA mobile bundle offers a combination of data, minutes and texts for a set price that customers will only have to pay for 30-days. There are a lot of benefits that clients can get from an ASDA mobile bundle such as affordable deals.

Top mobile de ASDA
RateDataCalls Coverage
PriceSubscribe by
Unlimited Minutes 15GB
15 GB Unlimited EE £25/pm
More information
12GB Unlimited Minutes
12 GB Unlimited EE £20/pm
More information
5GB 800 Minutes
5 GB 800 min EE £12/pm
More information
4GB 600 Minutes
4 GB 600 min EE £10/pm
More information
2GB 300 Minutes
2 GB 300 min EE £7/pm
More information
500MB 200 Minutes
500 M B 200 min EE £5/pm
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Source: Roams, price comparison from the official information provided and/or advertised by the telco companies. Deals are shown for individuals and mobile of ASDA. Ordered by best deal. Final prices with VAT. Updated on Monday, May 16, 2022.

What does an ASDA mobile bundle offer?

Customers can use their bundles around 50 European destinations without paying any extra roaming fees. Unlike other mobile network providers, clients will not be tied down to a lengthy contract when they sign up to an ASDA mobile bundle.

ASDA mobile uses EE's network so customers will have the quickest and biggest 4G network in the United Kingdom. ASDA bundles offers a range of data options but, if clients run out of data, they can use the ASDA Add-ons to top up their data, minutes and texts.

Does ASDA Mobile offer pay as you go bundles?

Customers can join an ASDA mobile pay as you go bundle and the best part is that clients can create their own bundle. For example, members can choose how much minutes, texts and data they need in a month and ASDA mobile will create that bundle. This is an amazing tool because customers can design a bundle that suits their lifestyle.

However, there are PAYG bundles that already exist that clients can select without having to build their own bundles. The pay as you go bundles allow customers to roam for free to 50 European destinations and have access to EE's 4G network.

How to get an ASDA mobile bundle

Once you've found the right bundle or have created an ASDA mobile pay as you go bundle then you must text a specific code to 2732 in order to redeem the bundle. For example, to get the ASDA Mobile 2.5GB bundle customers must text 7 to 2732. Every SIM only bundle has a different code.

However, the PAYG bundle code is different because customers must add the word 'DATA' in front of the code; for example, clients must text DATA12.5 to 2732 to get the ASDA Mobile 7GB Data bundle. Members must make sure they enter the right code.

What is an ASDA Mobile talk and text bundle?

ASDA mobile has created a bundle that targets customers who prefer to not have any data and only use their plans to contact people via text and calling. To redeem a talk and text bundle, clients must follow the same process as a SIM only and pay as you go customers.

For example, if someone wants the ASDA Mobile 5 Talk and Text bundle, they must text Talk5 to 2732. Talk and text bundles are cheap and always offer unlimited texts so staying in contact with family and friends will be easy.

ASDA mobile bundle reviews

Customers have given some good feedback about ASDA mobile bundles explaining how cheap and reliable they are. Clients have also stated that they will not join a SIM only mobile phone contract again because the bundles provide everything they need at a cheaper price.

Potential clients will be able to read this type of feedback and hopefully switch from a contract plan to an ASDA mobile bundle.


Overall, ASDA mobile bundles are designed to give customers the best of everything, such as data minutes and texts. However, the best part about ASDA mobile bundles is that it offers clients the ability to create their own bundles and even choose a bundle with only minutes and texts.

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