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ASDA Mobile Phones: All you need to know

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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ASDA are well known as a big supermarket brand in the UK, and they have now branched into the world of mobiles. Let's see what they have to offer!

What mobiles do ASDA mobile offer?

ASDA Mobile offers the Samsung Galaxy A20e, STK R45i, Doro 1360, Doro 6520, Alcatel U3 , Alcatel 1, Alcatel 1s and Alcatel 3L. These are all budget phones, which makes sense with ASDA's aim of being a budget mobile network.

Once you've ordered your phone for home delivery, you can get your free sim card online on the ASDA mobile website.

PAYG or Sim Free?

ASDA offers both options. PAYG is great for casual phone users, who like flexibility and want to pay a one-off price for their mobile and then own it outright. Pay-as-you-go SIMs are available with a 30 days rolling plan with a bundle, or where you pay for what you use with top-ups (recommended for light users).

You can also sign up for a SIM free data contract. A new smartphone can be an expensive purchase and this cost can be incorporated into the deal when signing a new contract. The price of the phone is usually added to the monthly bill so you pay for the device throughout the duration of your contract. With ASDA, these last 12 or 24 months. If you leave early, you will be charged early termination fees.

Do ASDA offer unlocked phones?

Yes, all of the phones sold in ASDA stores are not locked to any network, however ASDA offer deals and bundles with their SIM free or PAYG plans.

Best deals

Here's a list of ASDA's best deals at the moment:

£5 500MB Data, 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£7 2GB Data, 300 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£10 4GB Data, 600 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£12 5GB Data, 800 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£15 8GB Data, 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£20 12GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£25 15GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts

Comparison to other networks

ASDA offers a lot in comparison to other networks, however ASDA's network change to EE created service problems in 2013. ASDA are not yet evaluated by Ofcom, but EE is rated 92% for customer satisfaction with Ofcom. ASDA have a pretty good review standard on Trustpilot, scoring 4 out of 5 stars.

Customers requiring help can contact customer service by phone, which is available 8am to 8pm on weekdays but has shorter hours over the weekend – closing at 6pm on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays. The FAQ section of the ASDA Mobile website also answers a lot of common questions.

Contract deals

ASDA doesn't do long term contracts, but rolling 30 day contracts.

When you buy credit from ASDA it is referred to as a Bundle. If you're looking for the reliability of a contract sans commitment, you can set your bundle to auto-renew. If your bundle is on auto-renew, it means that a new bundle will start up the second your credit runs out. If you choose the wrong bundle amount, there's no need to fret, you can change your top up amount whenever you like.

Recycling Programme

ASDA offers a unique programme which allows you to recycle your old gadgets-

customers can trade in mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable games consoles. Laptops, tablets and full-size games consoles will also be accepted

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