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Community Fibre contact number: reach out for support or sales enquiries

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Community Fibre contact details are available to all customers for enquiries, queries, problem resolution, and a seamless experience. In this article, we will explore Community Fibre&'s free contact number, Community Fibre&'s contact number to purchase, their contact number for Community Fibre customer service, and Community Fibre&'s contact to make complaints.

Community Fibre free contact number

Community Fibre contact numbers vary depending on the service you require. Community Fibre has shown to be concerned with ease and comfort for its users and has provided multiple contact channels to ensure ease of service.

You can easily contact Community Fibre&'s customer service at +44 800 082 0770. This is their general contact, and you can get them on this number from 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 7 pm on weekends. The best part is that you can get customer service in various languages, including French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Greek, Portuguese, and Urdu.

Other contact numbers and their functions include:

Technical Support +44 808 196 6262
To Purchase +44 808 196 6262
For complaints +44 800 082 0770
For information +44 800 082 0770

Community Fibre contact number to purchase

Community Fibre offers a wide range of broadband services to meet the needs of its prospective customers. As a new customer looking to purchase from community fibre, you can contact them at 0808 196 6262.

Community Fibre contact for purchase connects you with information on the best broadband deals for you, Community Fibre&'s availability in your area, and switching and upgrading your package on Community Fibre.

Contact number for Community Fibre customer service

Quality customer service is an important factor you want to consider when choosing your broadband provider. Community Fibre has reliable customer service from information available via their reviews online. Contact Community Fibre&'s customer service at +44 800 082 0770.

Community Fibre&'s customer service is great because it is available in many languages, and you can place a request in a different language. Customer service is open from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 7 pm on weekends.

Community Fibre contact to make complaints

Having issues with your broadband and internet services can be difficult to deal with. Community Fibre contact channels are open to handle any complaint you might have. Use any of the following contact channels to make complaints concerning Community Fibre:

  • Write them a Letter: You can make your complaint the old-fashioned way by mailing a letter with your objections to Community Fibre. Their contact address for emails is:

Community Fibre Ltd

Level 3, 83 Baker Street



  • Contact them on Social Media: You can easily complain on Facebook or Twitter via their public or private messaging options.
  • Give them a call: Contact Community service at +44 800 082 0770.
  • Make use of Live Chats: Live chat options are also available with Community Fibre.

Contact Community Fibre through their live chat.

Getting in touch with Community Fibre via Live chat is straightforward. From their main website, click submit a request, fill in all the necessary details, and wait to be connected to a Live agent. This is also a great way to resolve issues and make complaints.

Other ways to contact Community Fibre

Apart from the contact methods we have explored so far, there are a few other methods to contact Community Fibre. Explore any of the following options:

  • You can contact Community Fibre via their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great method because of how digital the world has become and how easy it is to chat via social media.
  • You could also send them a letter via their postal address, which we stated earlier. Your letter will be reviewed, and all your issues will be resolved.

Frequently asked questions about contacting Community Fibre.

What are Community Fibre customer support&'s opening hours?

Customer service is available from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 7 pm on weekends.

Can I get support from Community Fibre in another language?

Yes, you can. Community Fibre support is available in French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Greek, Portuguese, and Urdu. You can also make special requests for other languages.

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