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Best Cuckoo Broadband deals: packages and speeds available

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Cuckoo broadband deals are currently unavailable, but this does not make the network provider less efficient.This article will discuss Cuckoo Broadband and its packages available in the UK. It will look at all the packages and speeds offered by Cuckoo Broadband, as well as their contract conditions; no mid-contract price rise, no installation charges and so on.

Cuckoo Broadband deals are available.

Cuckoo Broadband is a new broadband provider aiming to become the best broadband provider in the UK. Since launching in 2019, Cuckoo Broadband currently serves around 10,000 customers in the UK. Cuckoo Broadband aims to give customers awesome broadband packages for a really low price, with no long-term contract. Cuckoo Broadband offers some of the most competitive broadband packages in the UK. They give you a flexible way to enjoy all the options available at high speed that suit your budget and needs.

The table below shows the information on Cuckoo Broadband deals:

Package Avg. Download Speed Avg. Upload Speed Duration Price
Eggceptional 900Mbps 115Mbps 1-12 months £54.99 per month
Really Fast 100Mbps 20Mbps 1-12 months £39.99 per month
Fast 67Mbps 8Mbps 1-12 months £29.99 per month

Cuckoo Broadband deals: what speeds can you get?

There are three speeds available with Cuckoo broadband deals. These speeds come with a 30-day or 12-month contract. The available download speeds are 900Mbps, 100Mbps, or 67Mbps for all fibre offers.

It is simple to select the best speed for you; all you need to do is consider the size of your home, how much you use the internet, and your preferred speed range.

Eggceptional Broadband Speed

  • 900Mbps for £54.99 per month

The FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Eggceptional bundle has an average upload speed of 115Mbps and a download speed of 900Mbps. This ultrafast full-fibre service provides the fastest and most dependable broadband connection. It can download data at a rate of 1 Gbps.

Given that it offers simultaneous video calling with more than 100 individuals, this broadband plan is ideal for people who work from home. These speeds are suitable for gaming and 4K or ultra-HD streaming, and they can download a 6-season box set in 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Hyperoptic, Truespeed, and Gigaclear are just a few of the numerous complete fibre internet providers available on the market. Because it offers a 30-day minimum commitment, Cuckoo distinguishes out from others.

Really Fast Broadband Speed

  • 100Mbps for £39.99 per month

A mid-range FTTP connection called Really Fast offers download speeds of 115 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps.

These internet speeds are sufficient for video conversations with up to 40 people and the 12-minute, 26-second download of a six-season box set. Both HD streaming and gaming are supported.

TalkTalk's rivals Plusnet, Onestream, and Plusnet offer competitive broadband packages with comparable mid-range full fibre speeds.

Fast Broadband Speed

  • 67Mbps for £29.99 per month

Fibre broadband at its most basic is offered through the Fast Broadband plan. It provides FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connections with average download speeds of 67Mbps and upload speeds of 8Mbps.

With these download speeds, you could download a six-season box set in under 20 minutes and support video conversations with up to 20 people.

Get Eggspress WiFi with Cuckoo’s broadband deals.

Within 24 hours of purchasing your broadband plan, you'll be online. Our broadband service is ten times faster than Virgin Media and BT.

You would, however, receive a 4G dongle before your Cuckoo fast broadband is active. The 4G dongle you receive must be plugged into the router while you wait for your broadband to activate. For the entire house, its 4G broadband gives dependable internet.

How it works:

  • Connect your dongle-shaped Eggspress WiFi to the wall outlet.
  • When your fibre broadband goes live, switch to it.
  • Use the pre-paid envelope provided by the supplier to send your dongle back to them.
  • Or you can pay £40 to keep the dongle.

Fair broadband deals on Cuckoo with Cuckoo Compass

Every month, 1% of every customer's bill is donated to The Cuckoo Compass. Additionally, users contribute £5 for each customer recommendation. This 1% then pays Jangala to connect many people who genuinely need the internet.

The Cuckoo Compass also supports underprivileged schools and medical facilities worldwide, as well as vulnerable people and families in the UK. Jangala provides persons living in refugee camps and other humanitarian catastrophes with crucial internet connections.

People from low-income and marginalised households and families around the UK can connect through Cuckoo Compass. Additionally, by putting them online, they can access services that many of us take for granted, such as online legal counsel, educational resources, and mental health help.

Frequently asked questions about Cuckoo Broadband deals.

Do I need to return my 4G Dongle?

  • You can choose to return the dongle when your broadband is live and decide to keep it by paying £40.

How do I test my Broadband speed?

  • You should download the Windows, Mac, Linux, or CLI version of the Speedtest application.

Will I be charged for my broadband installation?

  • Before the installation, you will receive a notification or scheduled engineer visit. An Abortive Visit Charge may be incurred if you are not home during the scheduled appointment or if the job cannot be finished for another reason.

Do I need a landline for simple cuckoo broadband?

  • The short answer is no; full fibre (or FTTP) needs a totally different infrastructure than the conventional copper lines that run phone lines and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet).

Are there discount codes for Cuckoo Broadband available

If you join Cuckoo or switch from your current broadband provider, you both receive £20 in your bank account when your service gets life,

There is also the Cuckoo referral program, where you receive £20 when a friend joins or switches to Cuckoo broadband using your referral codes. The more people you refer, the bigger your earnings.

Will the price I pay for my Cuckoo broadband change?

With their super-fast bandwidth and no fixed contracts, Cuckoo aims to end this practice and make the broadband industry transparent.

Imagine you signed a contract for a set monthly price for two years, but after that time, you forgot all about it and thought your broadband would remain the same till you changed it. But no. For no obvious reason other than to increase the provider's profit, most individuals experience a monthly bill increase of up to £17. However, Cuckoo will never raise their prices, and you will even receive a discount of £20.

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