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EE Business: broadband and phone plans for small and large businesses

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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EE business provides network services designed to help your business grow. This article will focus on EE services for small businesses: broadband, mobile and more. It will also discuss the deals available on these plans and other business benefits, such as mobile phones.

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What is EE Business?

EE business is a collection of mobile, broadband and phone offers and packages designed to fit your business's specific needs, whether you own a small, medium or large-scale business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do business worldwide, with many people running big businesses from their homes and many employees working remote jobs. EE understands that a strong internet connection is important for businesses to thrive in these post-pandemic years. That is why they continue to improve their network to give you a reliable network connection round the clock.

When it comes to reducing expenses while boosting productivity, innovation, and revenue, embracing mobility is becoming more and more crucial.

Total mobility, according to EE, entails enabling employees to work from any location. It entails interacting with clients via their mobile devices. Additionally, it entails connecting your devices and data so that information can freely go between devices and those that require it. By following these guidelines, EE can assist you in redefining your company for the mobile age.

EE Business deals: connect your business with these offers

The table below contains a list of EE business deals that your business can profit from

S/N Deals Cost
Save £10 on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Enterprises ED monthly payment £57 monthly for 36 months.
Save £5 on iPhone 13 monthly payment £41 monthly for 36 months
Save £5 on iPhone 12 monthly payment £35 monthly for 24 months
Save £10 on Samsung Galaxy S22+ monthly payment £45 monthly for 24 months
Save £10 on Samsung Tab S6 Lite monthly payment £16 monthly for 24 months
Save £10 on Samsung Galaxy S22 monthly payment £45 monthly for 36 months
Get unlimited data for SIM Only deal (EE business SIM only deals) £23.75 monthly for 24 months

EE broadband for business

EE and BT are both owned by the BT group. EE business customers who subscribe to BT broadband can access amazing offers when they subscribe to any BT broadband packages.

In line with EE's mission to provide network solutions that guarantee connectivity in the modern business world, BT broadband is superfast (up to 900MBPS) and covers over 90% of the United Kingdom. Also, with BT Halo for business, you have assured connectivity around the clock: whenever there is an issue with your broadband connection, EE's 4G network automatically switches on to keep your business connected.

Additionally, you get superfast network speed in every corner of your workplace. This is made possible through BT's complete wifi discs. With the BT complete wifi discs, you are guaranteed to have no dead spots in your office, business or studio. You also do not need multiple passwords. Just log in once, and enjoy a seamless connection everywhere.

All you have to do to enjoy this great EE broadband business offers is call EE during open hours on 08009160887. Open hours are weekdays from 8:00-18:00.

EE Business phone plans

EE business phone plans are designed to meet the needs of your business at the time. Please find EE's business phone plans and their details below.

  1. The Team plan
  2. The Individual plan
  3. The shared plan
  4. Customer caller plan

The team plan

The team plan offers a shared data pool that automatically stretches and expands with your company. More people mean more data for the pot. Additionally, EE automatically modifies your data allotment every three months based on your average usage during that period. As a result, you never buy more than you need and never run out of anything.

The individual plan

The individual plan comprises dedicated data allocations tailored to each person's requirements. Reduce the likelihood of overspending by preventing surprise costs with various expenditure caps that inform your users when they are approaching their limit.

The shared plan

The shared plan allows everyone to access a fixed, central pot of shared data. As heavy users fluctuate monthly, having a central pool of shared data available for everyone to utilise reduces the possibility of overage fees.

Customer caller plan

If you want to pay for the data you use with the plan that works for your business, choose the customer caller plan, which is a pay-per-minute voice plan.

EE for small business

Managing a small business is quite difficult. Thankfully, EE can help your business run smoothly. EE is the UK's top 4G and 5G network, and it can help you communicate more effectively with your customers across the globe. From connected gadgets to your data security, EE can help. And assist in identifying strategies to lower your operating expenses. Additionally, you'll receive excellent customer service and committed account management.

What benefits does the EE for small businesses offer me?

Easy remote working

EE wants your company to be as adaptable as possible. Therefore, with EE, you'll get customised remote working solutions to keep your workers connected.

Lifetime Warranty from EE

A device lifetime guarantee is included with each phone and tablet subscription. That applies only to EE. Therefore, even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can rely on business-grade service support if anything goes wrong with your equipment.

Great benefits

With EE, certain features are always included as standard: improved technical support, free shipping on all new gadgets, and technical assistance when you contact EE.

EE Business: mobile phones

Find below a table of the most popular EE business mobile phone plans.

S/N Phone Plan Monthly payment
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Business essential 120GB £69 24 months contract
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Business essential 120GB £6424 months contract
iPhone 14 Plus128GB Business essential 120GB £5924 months contract
iPhone 14128GB Business essential 120GB £5424 months contract
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Enterprise ED. 256GB Business essential unlimited £6724 months contract
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Enterprise ED Business essential unlimited £5724 months contract

Please visit the EE shop to explore other mobile phones, plans and payments.

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