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Giffgaff international calls price

Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Giffgaff international price can depend on what country you want to call and it also depends on what type of device you are using to make the call such as a landline or mobile and you can also send a text and MMS from the UK to international country.

Can Giffgaff make international calls?

One of the best services that Giffgaff offers to their customers is that Giffgaff offers international calls. Now customers can stay in touch with their family and friends abroad with Giffgaff's great values of international calling.

Just imagine if you have family or friends studying abroad with Giffgaff international calling you call them on a weekly basis to check in and stay connected.

With Giffgaff international calling it also includes texting too, so you can check up your family or friends on a daily basis by texting them.

How to make Giffgaff international calling

Unfortunately, making international calls and texts does not relate to your Giffgaff SIM only deals so you can't use your UK Giffgaff plan to make any international calls and texts.

To get your hands on Giffgaff international calling only takes three easy steps, order your Giffgaff SIM, activate your Giffgaff SIM and then top up your account.

Once you complete the three easy steps then to make a Giffgaff international call just key in '+' then enter the country code followed by the area code without the first 0 and finally enter the rest of the phone number and they you'll be all set to go.

Now you can call your family and friends abroad and stay connected, all Giffgaff international calling will be charged and billed per minute so make sure you do use your minutes wisely when you are on the phone.

Giffgaff international calls to USA & India

For Giffgaff customers it is important that they are able to use their international calling to big countries in the world like the USA and India.

To all the Giffgaff customers if they want to call the USA using Giffgaff international calling the rate is 2p per minute by landline, 2p per minute by mobile, 8p to send a text and to send a MMS is 24p.

These are great rates for Giffgaff customers who want to call their family and friends who are based in the USA.

To call India the rates are exactly the same rates as the USA 2p per minute from a landline, 2p per from a Giffgaff mobile, 8p to send a text and 24p to send a MMS.

To find out the rates for the country you want to call is really simple, head to and it is as simple as choosing the country you want to call and Giffgaff will give you the rates for that exact country.

Giffgaff international calling can call to almost every country in the world, so if you are based in the UK and are looking for a cheap international calling rates then use Giffgaff international calling.

Giffgaff international calling not working

Giffgaff does understand that sometimes their services can cause people problems and their international calling service could cause their customers problem or stop working at all.

Giffgaff is always sorry to hear about these unexpected difficulties but with so many Giffgaff support lines including the Giffgaff search the knowledge base which provides customers with articles, the Giffgaff community where customers can help each other and also reaching out to a Giffgaff help agent.

If customers experience a problem with Giffgaff international calling then the best thing for them to do is to reach out to any of the Giffgaff customer services.

This will allow Giffgaff customers to get responses that could help them, for example a Giffgaff customer has raised from a question on the Giffgaff community that was targeted at why Giffgaff international calling is not working.

A customer on the Giffgaff community replied giving their own experience that is similar to the customer who is experiencing a problem with Giffgaff international calling and hopefully they can resolve the issue from that.

Therefore, Giffgaff customers need to reach out to any of the Giffgaff customer services if their Giffgaff international calls is not working.


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