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Does Huawei support eSIM? Available models

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Last update: March 3, 2023
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In a nutshell

Huawei eSIM is available on some models in the 40 series, such as the Huawei P40, P40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro. In addition, if you have a Huawei Watch 3 or Watch 2 you can also use this service, which has many advantages. Want to know more about Huawei eSIM?

Huawei eSIM phones: Which models are compatible?

Huawei has been the first Chinese manufacturer to introduce eSIMs for some of its mobile phone models. Right now you can only use an embedded card in some models of the 40 series.

  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro

The use of the Huawei eSIM is the same as with conventional cards, the only difference is that you don't need a physical SIM card, but you will have to install it using a QR code or by entering the data manually. In any case, your operator will have to send you the card via email, which is the first advantage of this type of card, as you will have one immediately, unlike traditional cards, which depended on a postal delivery that could take up to two days.

A very common use for these cards today is as an international eSIM. There are companies that specialise in selling this type of service, which will help you to have internet at any time and anywhere in the world. If you have a compatible Huawei mobile phone, we recommend that you use an international prepaid eSIM on your next trip.

Huawei Watch 3 eSIM

The first uses of eSIM were focused on smartwatches, and Huawei also offers some options. You can go out with your watch and leave your mobile at home without missing calls or messages. Huawei smartwatch models compatible with the eSIM are Watch 2 and Huawei Watch 3, and here's what you need to setup eSIM on your smartwatch Huawei:

  1. Open Huawei Health application
  2. Choose eSIM management
  3. Click on Activate via QR code
  4. Scan your carrier's QR code

First of all, make sure that you comply with a number of very important points to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly:

  • The watch and mobile phone must be paired through the Huawei Health application.
  • Allows this application to access the camera.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the Internet (wifi or mobile data).
  • The battery of your smartphone must be above 30%.
  • Have your operator's QR code at hand.

Setting up my eSIM on Huawei smartphone

If you have one of the mobile phone models compatible with the Huawei eSIM, ask your operator if their tariffs are compatible with this service and follow these steps to install the embedded card in your mobile:

  1. Go to SIM settings on the Huawei smarphone
  2. Click on Cellular networks > SIM management
  3. Tap on SIM 2
  4. Select Add eSIM
  5. Press Add plan using QR Code
  6. Scan your provider's QR Code

There are two other ways to set up a Huawei eSIM. You can use a photo of the QR code that you have saved in your gallery, to do this touch Select from Gallery while scanning a QR code. Finally, if you touch Enter manually, you will have to enter some information provided by your operator.

A disadvantage of the Huawei eSIM is that you can only install one virtual card at a time. Even if the phone is dualSIM, installing one eSIM disables the second slot. You also cannot use two conventional cards and one eSIM card at the same time.

Huawei eSIM compatible carriers

You can find more and more phone providers that incorporate the possibility of purchasing tariffs with eSIM in their services, which you can use on your Huawei smartphone. Here are some of the most popular carriers in the UK already offering eSIM for Huawei:

In addition, several carriers specialise in selling pay as you go cards with international tariffs. These plans are perfect for travellers who do not want to worry about roaming charges. It is also the best alternative for digital nomad.

At Roams we recommend Holafly as one of the most complete international plan companies. One of the biggest advantages offered by this company is the possibility to have unlimited data in the most popular destinations. In addition, their customer service is available in several languages.

There are other operators that also offer this type of deals, you can take a look at some of them and compare their prices and services.

FAQs about eSIM Huawei

How to delete an eSIM Huawei?

On the SIM management screen, you have to touch next to SIM 2 and follow the instructions to delete de eSIM card. Please note that even if you delete the eSIM from your mobile phone, it does not mean that the tariff will be cancelled by the operator. You will have to call the company to do this.

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