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If you are planning a trip abroad SimpOptions and Holafly offer different plans and prices so you can have internet while you move around the world. We've done a comparison of the two companies to make it easier for you to make a purchase decision. For example, with Holafly you can enjoy unlimited data in many countries, while with SimOptions you will have various data coverage in different regions.

Enjoy unlimited data by signing up for Holafly

Holafly vs SimOptions: comparison of products

When you are planning a trip and start to organise it, one of the first questions that comes up is how to have internet and stay connected in the same way you do on a day-to-day basis so that you don't miss out on anything. Talking to family and friends, sharing images and videos or searching for a route are some of the tasks for which we need to have internet on our mobile phones.

Holafly and SimOptions are some of the companies that solve this issue. Thanks to an eSIM you can forget about the high costs of roaming and enjoy a cheaper way to connect to the internet.

In order to give you a quick overview of both companies, their main features and prices, here is a table. However, if you want more information, we will give you more details about SimOptions and Holafly later on.

Holafly vs SimOptions: which is best?
Service Holafly SimOptions
Coverage Over 160 destinations Over 200 destinations
Technical service Yes Yes
Language English, German, Spanish and French English, German, Spanish and French
Unlimited data Yes No
Purchase Unregistered Internet Unregistered Internet
Compatibility Free devices Free devices
Promotions 5% discount No

Simoptions and Holafly have a lot in common, but the unlimited data offered by some of the Holafly destinations is worth mentioning. This can be a great advantage as it allows you to travel without worrying about running out of data and going offline at an important moment, and the plans are not usually very expensive.

One of the disadvantages of Holafly is that it only offers eSIM, which although it has many advantages has a drawback, not all mobile phones are compatible with this technology. However, SimOptions also offers SIM cards to solve these problems.

All the information you need on eSIM

Holafly and SimOptions: Who has the competitive edge?

Given the fact that both companies offer similar services, it is necessary to look at different points such as price and tariffs so you can decide between Holafly and SimOptions.

In order not to saturate you with all the information available and so that you can check quickly, here is a table with the most popular destinations so that you can decide whether to contract the eSIM with Holafly or with SimOption:

eSIM USA: Holafly vs SimOptions
Product Cost Data
Holafly USA £19/5 days Unlimited
SimOptions eSIM USA £15/10 days 6GB
eSIM Mexico: Holafly vs SimOptions
Product Cost Data
Holafly Mexico £19/5 days Unlimited
SimOptions Mexico £33/15 days 6GB

If you want to have internet in Europe while you travel around its beautiful cities and enjoy its varied landscapes, here are some comparisons between Holafly and SimOptions that may be interesting.

eSIM Europe: Holafly vs SimOptions
Product Cost Data
Holafly Europe £29/10 days Unlimited
SimOptions Europe £41/15 days 20GB
eSIM Switzerland: Holafly vs SimOptions
Product Cost Data
Holafly Switzerland £19/5 days Unlimited
SimOptions Switzerland £28/30 days 5GB

Please note that not all devices are eSIM compatible, so if you find yourself in one of these cases, SimOptions offers SIM cards. However, you should be aware that the prices of these cards are higher. The eSIM is much quicker to install and once purchased you will be able to enjoy internet connectivity on the device on which you install the virtual card.

Holafly offers unlimited data, allowing you to enjoy data without worrying about running out of connection at an important moment in your travel. Sharing your trip with your friends, searching for a route on the map or something as simple as staying in touch with family and friends is possible thanks to Holafly's unlimited data.

Holafly or SimOptions: Who offers more coverage?

Holafly and Simoptions are available in more than 160 countries and can be connected immediately thanks to the eSIM. These companies have agreements with the major brands operating in the different countries so that you won't be left without a connection. However, if you go to areas far from large population centres, with both companies, coverage may not be as good.

If we focus on the destinations available with the SIM card, in this case SimOptions wins, it offers more than 200 different destinations. This means that if you can't find the destination you are looking for on the Holafly eSIM cards, you can search on the SimOptions SIM cards.

On the coverage point and if you focus on eSIMs, there is a tie between both SimOptions and Holafly. Both companies offer coverage in numerous destinations and have agreements to offer connection with major operators.

SimOptions or Holafly: operation

The installation of the eSIM is similar for Holafly and SimOptions. With both companies you can enjoy an internet connection in a few simple steps and shortly after purchasing the tariff you can use it.

  1. Choose the tariff and purchase it Choose and buy the eSIM. You will receive an email with the steps to install it on site.
  2. Install the eSIM Follow the steps on the screen to install the virtual card.
  3. Enjoy your trip Once the eSIM has been activated, you can enjoy internet on move.

Before signing up for the eSIM you should know that not all mobile phones are compatible with this technology, so you should make sure before buying it. Here is a list of brands that are compatible with the SimOptions and Holafly virtual card.

Both companies offer customer service for any questions or problems that may arise before or during the use of the card. It should also be noted that Holafly has an after-sales service thanks to an application that can be downloaded from the Holafly website.

Holafly and SimOption have a simple application and with a few steps you can enjoy internet connection. But we must emphasize that Holafly thanks to the new after sales service application makes it easier to be in contact to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

Holafly and SimOptions: Who has better opinions?

One of the first steps we take before buying a product is to check user reviews. With Holafly and SimOptions it could not be less, after analysing different reviews there are big differences. Holafly has a higher number of positive reviews than SimOptions.

However, Roams recommends that you don't just rely on these reviews, as user experience can change. Although it can give a general idea of both brands. Holalfly is a company that offers reliability and a variety of plans for internet connection, and you can contact them at all hours of the day and any day of the year to resolve any problems that may arise.

Holafly not only has a large number of positive ratings, but it also has a series of services such as unlimited gigabytes or the after-sales service in the application that make us decide in its favour.

Holafly or SimOptions: Roams recommendation

If you still haven't decided between Holafly and SimOptions, after analysing both brands at Roams we choose Holafly.

This step is not easy as both brands have great services, but the unlimited data in most destinations, the price and the after sales service make the winner, looking at the value for money, Holafly. Thanks to the company you can enjoy unlimited data in many destinations in an easy and simple way.

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In brief, the advantages of Holalfly are as follows:

  • Easy installation and purchase to enjoy internet on mobile phones.
  • Immediate delivery so you don't miss a thing.
  • Simple activation in just a few steps.
  • Enjoy the internet in more than 160 countries.
  • Keep the same telephone number.
  • 24-hour customer service in English every day of the year.

If you are not convinced by one of these companies, here are some more comparisons so that you can tell yourself having as much information as possible. Whether you travel a lot or you are a digital nomad and need to have internet, this information may be interesting for you.

Holafly vs SimOptions FAQs

What can I do if my SimOptions or Holafly eSIM does not work?

The first thing you should do is check if you have data roaming activated, don't worry, as having the eSIM installed will not cost you extra. If you still have problems contact customer service, for Holafly it is in the app and for SimOptions on the web.

Can SimOptions and Holafly data be shared?

With SimOptions you have the option to share data, but you must be sure to contract as much data as you need so you don't run out. However, Holafly only allows this option in some of its rates, so don't forget to check before signing up.

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