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How many broadband deals does iTalk offer?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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iTalk Telecom UK is a broadband provider that offer clients no hidden fees and the best customer support in the United Kingdom.

Customers can find four different iTalk broadband deals that will provide enough Internet speed to keep the household entertained.

iTalk Broadband Deals

iTalk is not a huge broadband provider in the UK but it still offers deals that will keep their customers satisfied.

For example, the Unlimited Broadband deal is known to be iTalk's best deal as it offers members a reliable speed for basic Internet usage.

If customers want fast Internet, then the Unlimited Superfast Fibre is iTalk's fastest deal that will deliver high speed Internet to households.

The most popular deal is the Unlimited Fibre package, which most customers prefer, as it offers enough speed for a decent price.

iTalk does offer promotional deals such as the Unlimited Fibre Online Exclusive deal that is only offered for a limited time only.

All these deals are designed to suit any type of household and no matter what you're budget maybe iTalk broadband deals have you covered.

The benefits of iTalk broadband deals

The main benefit of an iTalk UK deal is that customers will receive a free router that is worth £99. This can be beneficial for customers who have a budget and want to save money.

There are no caps, limits and extra fees for iTalk broadband deals, customers will enjoy unlimited usage once their broadband is up and running.

Members will have the flexibility of choosing the right add-ons for calling options to suit their household.

One of the best aspects of iTalk is the unrivalled customer service iTalk offer to their clients.

Therefore, if there are any problems with your iTalk broadband deal, reach out to the team and get help straight away.

How to contact the iTalk customer service team

Clients can contact the customer service team through the phone, live chat, email and post.

However, the best way to contact the team for broadband issues and get a fast reply would be via phone.

Customers can dial 0333 2301 903 to talk to the iTalk customer service team, Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5:30pm, Sunday – closed.

What type of speed does iTalk broadband offer?

Like many broadband providers in the UK, iTalk offers a range of Internet speed and the faster the speed the more expensive the deal, therefore, iTalk offers multiple Internet speed to suit any house.

The Unlimited Broadband deal offers an average download speed of 10Mbps, which is enough to keep the house active online browsing on social media or online shopping.

The Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Online Exclusive deals provide customers with an average download speed of 35Mbps, which is perfect for gamers and movie bingers.

However, the Unlimited Superfast Fibre deal offers an average download speed of 63Mbps, which is an efficient speed and only slightly slower than major broadband providers, such as Sky or BT.

Overall, iTalk UK broadband speed is very similar to other broadband providers in the United Kingdom.


iTalk broadband deals will give any customer enough benefits to keep their household happy.

However, it is important to know that iTalk is not the best broadband provider in the United Kingdom but for a small company it is very good.

The speed that iTalk broadband deals provide will keep the family happy, including gamers who need fast and reliable Internet speed, but clients must choose the right deal for their household.

If there is any doubt with any of iTalk's broadband deals, then contact the reliable iTalk customer service team to resolve any issues and get back online.

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