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John Lewis Broadband router: what models does it use and how to set them up

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Last update: September 20, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

All John Lewis Broadband plans include a free router. That's a Netgear WNR1000 with ordinary ADSL. This one is quite simple to use and set up, and it works perfectly for ADSL - albeit rather antiquated technology means you may struggle to obtain acceptable Wi-Fi speeds. This article educates customers on how to get, set up and log in to your John Lewis broadband routers.

What router does John Lewis Broadband use?

You will receive one of two routers if you sign up for a John Lewis Broadband bundle. Customers who choose for Unlimited (10Mbps) broadband will receive the Sagemcom 2704n router, also known as the Hub Zero. This router is an older model, but it is more than capable of handling the 10Mbps ADSL given by this broadband plan.

Customers with fibre broadband will receive the more powerful ZyXEL VMG3925-B10C router, which can handle the greater speeds of fibre broadband.

Sagemcom 2704n features

  • Only ADSL - Comes with John Lewis' entry-level ADSL broadband bundle.
  • WiFi is a little out of date - This router does not use the most recent wifi standards. It still uses 802.11n rather than the more recent 802.11ac
  • ADSL modem - This router is designed to work with ADSL broadband (broadband supplied via your phone line)
  • Unlike most modern dual band routers, the Sagemcom 2704n's wifi only operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. Because this is the most often utilised wifi band, the airways can become congested, producing interference. Data transfer is also slower in this spectrum than in current 5Ghz wifi.
  • This router contains four ethernet ports, although they are of an earlier vintage than the current gigabit ethernet port. The 10/100Mbps ethernet connectors are significantly slower than their current equivalents.
  • Due to the low number of antennae on this router, the wifi signal may struggle to reach all sections of your home.

ZyXEL VMG3925-B10C features

  • Only on fibre bundles - Only available with John Lewis fibre broadband packages.
  • WiFi of the future - To provide the fastest wifi speeds possible, the ZyXEL VMG3925 employs the most recent wireless standard (802.11ac).
  • Devices that use older wifi protocols, such as 802.11n, can connect to ADSL2+ and VDSL2 modems - the ADSL2+ allows for connections via the Openreach telephone network, while the VDSL2 indicates that the modem is ready for fibre broadband. The modem automatically switches to the appropriate mode.
  • The ZyXEL VMG3925 automatically connects your devices to the fastest wifi channel and frequency available.
  • Dual band - The ZyXEL router, like many modern routers, employs both the 2.4GHz and speedier 5GHz bands.
  • Four gigabit ethernet ports - The ZyXEL VMG3925 offers four gigabit ethernet ports, allowing you to connect up to four devices through a wired connection.
  • Z - The inclusion of a USB port lets users to connect shared hard drives, a shared printer, or even a 5G dongle for a backup internet connection.
  • The ZyXEL VMG3925 contains Z to provide superb wifi coverage throughout the home.

How to set up your John Lewis Broadband router

Setting up your John Lewis router is a straightforward process that applies to all routers.

To begin, unplug your current router, microswitches, and phones from your wall-mounted telephone socket.

After that, insert the included micro-filter into your phone socket. Then, insert the grey cable into the micro-filter and insert the other end into the router's rear port.

It's now time to connect the power.

To begin, turn off the mains power supply and plug the power supply into your new router. Insert the power plug into the power outlet. After that, turn on the power outlet and turn on your router.

Log in to the John Lewis Broadband router

The information needed to log into your new wifi network can be found on the back of the router. Once your router is operational, we recommend that you begin making it as secure as feasible.

Frequently asked questions about the John Lewis Broadband hub

Can I use my own router on John Lewis Broadband?

Customers are advised by John Lewis to use the router provided. However, there are benefits to purchasing a high-end router to replace the John Lewis router. You can get a router with excellent wifi coverage, a generally quicker architecture, or other features such as extra USB ports for shared peripherals.

How to change the password of my John Lewis Broadband router?

Yes, you can. Your account can be administered via My account. Choose Account details to update your personal information.

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