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Now TV billing: how to pay bills and change your payment date.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Your NOW TV BILLING payment can be made online, in person, via mail, or over the phone. These payment methods apply for both TV bills and broadband memberships. In this post, you’ll discover all you need to know about paying your NOW TV bills online or over the phone. You’ll also discover how to check your payment dates and change them.

How to pay your Now TV bills

You can pay your Now TV bills using any of the following means:

Credit card

NOW TV accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, American Express (Amex), and PayPal cards. All you need to do is to input your card details in the “my account section and provide any additional information that might be required for confirmation.



You can use any ATM labeled “Bill Payment Service” to pay for your NOW TV membership bills. You’ll need to select the merchant “PCCW” to specify that you’re paying for NOW TV services.


PPS stands for Prospective Payment System. You can settle your NOW TV bill by a tone phone, internet, or the PPS mobile app.

NOW TV’s unique PPS payment details are given below:

  • PPS by Phone: 18031
  • PPS by Internet: Visit the PPS website
  • Merchant code: 74
  • PPS Hotline : 900 00 222 329
  • PPS on Mobile: Download the “PPS on Mobile” app

So, if you have a PPS account set up already, you can register NOW TV as a bill by dialing 18011 through a tone phone, the internet, or the “PPS on mobile” app and add the merchant code. Once you set it up, you can follow the prompts to make the payment.


You’ll need to get the Autopay authorization form before you can pay your NOW TV bills using Autopay. You can get that from NOW TV’s customer support. Their customer service hotline is 1833888.


Paying your NOW TV bill by mail requires you to mail a cheque payable to “PCCW” to GPO Box 11253. You’ll also need to address your account number to the back of the receipt.

It is advisable to send the check three working days before the due date because NOW TV does not accept post-dated cheques.

Now TV billing: pay your bill online.

You can pay your NOW TV billing online via any of the following means:

  • Credit card

NOW TV accepts Mastercard or Visa for online broadband membership payments. In addition to those two, they also accept American Express (Amex) cards for online TV membership payments.

If you are subscribed to both services, you can pay with the different cards specified for each.

  • PPS

Paying your NOW TV bill online using the PPS on the internet and the “PPS on mobile” app. Both these methods require getting a PPS account and registering NOW TV as a merchant on your account. You can visit the PPS website to see how to go about it.

Now TV billing: pay over the phone.

You can pay your NOW TV billing over the phone via the following means:

  • Autopay

You’ll need to contact NOW TV’s customer service to get an authorization form if you want to pay over the phone.

  • PPS by Phone

Once you have your PPS account set up, with NOW TV added to your account as a merchant, you can make your NOW TV payment over the phone. You’ll need to dial 18031 on the phone and follow the prompt. In the end, you can instantly select “1” to make the payment or “8” to schedule another date.

Contact number for Now TV billing

The contact number for NOW TV billing is 1833888.

What is Now the TV billing date?

NOW TV billing date or payment date is the day you’ll be charged for the services you’ll enjoy from NOW TV for the coming month. This date will be the same next month if you do not cancel your plan or terminate your membership.

NOW TV’s billing date is the first day your NOW TV services go live, i.e., the day you start enjoying any plan you subscribe for. However, for individuals whose first payment date falls on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, the payment date will change to the last day of the month during a shorter month. This will be your new billing date for future payments.

You must contact the customer support department over the phone if you wish to change the billing date.

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