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Now TV offers discounts on Broadband and TV memberships.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Now TV offers several TV channels and on-demand content for a no-contract monthly fee. With the aid of this article, you'd be introduced to firsthand information concerning the workings of Now TV. This article includes knowledge about discounts, offers and membership plans.

Now TV offers: what discounts are available?

NOW TV Smart Box is a good place to start your NOW TV journey because it boasts over 60 Freeview stations + 15 HD channels. It is incredibly quick at streaming and allows you to pause and rewind live TV.

The device alone costs £45.99, or the box plus a 1-month Entertainment Pass, a 1-month Sky Cinema Pass, a 1-month Kids Pass, and a 1-month Sky Sports Day Pass costs £49.99.

The boxes alone will transform your television into a smart TV, giving you access to free catch-up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and All without having to pay for any NOW TV services.

However, modern TV doesn't just deal in huge boxes. The inexpensive Now TV Smart Stick is another excellent option for streaming on various devices.

It functions like the Now TV Box but is a little more compact and less expensive.

For only £14.9, you may get the Stick on its own. Or, for a little bit more, you can choose three packages.

For £19.99, you can get the Now TV Smart Stick and a 2-month Entertainment Pass. Choose the Smart Stick With a 1-month Sky Cinema Pass for £19.99 if you want to watch movies.

Or, for £29.99, get the Smart Stick and a 1-month Sky Sports Month Pass if sports are more your thing.

TV has become a popular option for binge-watchers because it provides affordable access to Sky's premium library of movies, sports, and TV shows. This implies that you can view your preferred shows without getting into a binding agreement.

Now Tv offers TV passes and memberships.

Now TV Pass offers four subscription tiers: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, and Hayu. Choose a mixture that works for you, then alter it anytime and as often as you like. You can watch the newest on-demand movies, TV shows, and live TV channels with each membership (except for Hayu).

The subscription tiers are stated below with price tags;

You will pay £9.99 monthly for the Entertainment Pass, which only includes box sets and TV series.

You will pay £9.99 monthly for the Sky Cinema Pass, which includes more than 1,000 films.

The Now TV Sports Pass, which is available as either a day pass for a single 24-hour period for £9.98 or a month pass for a single £33.99,

While the Kids Pass, which offers a ton of fantastic amusement for all the kids in your life, will only set you back £3.99.

However, the Hayu Pass, which costs £3.99, is your choice if you are a reality TV fan.

Now TV offers Broadband.

It's critical to comprehend the required broadband speed. DSL, fibre optics, or superfast fibre are available.

For modest homes that wish to browse the web and stream catch-up TV with less buffering, DSL internet offers average speeds of 11Mbps. NOW Broadband is a DSL product.

With typical download rates of 36Mbps offered by fibre optic broadband, you can stream live TV, play online games, and download music with little interruption. Fab Fibre is a product with a 36Mbps speed. For a year, Fab Fibre costs £22 per month.

Large family households or those who require a quicker download speed to stream HD TV to many screens and download large files should normally choose superfast fibre broadband, which has rates above 36Mbps.

You can get 63Mbps on average with super fibre. For a year, it costs £22 each month.

TV and Broadband offer on Now TV.

Changing your Internet provider can be a tedious procedure. However, Now TV broadband will handle all the hassles. Now TV will contact your current provider to convert your phone connection to them as soon as you acquire NOW Broadband.

Your current phone and broadband subscription will automatically terminate once your phone line is registered with Now TV. While the transfer is ongoing, Now TV will ensure you don't go without Broadband for too long.

There are no Now TV broadband offers for existing customers. Now TV has no special offers currently available. You will be presented with normal monthly pricing instead. Because of this, switching after your contract is frequently the most cost-effective choice.

If you decide to renew your contract, it is advised that you get in touch with NOW customer care and find out what incentives they can give you to stick around since haggling results in better terms.

You might be able to upgrade to a faster speed while choosing to renew your NOW Broadband service.

Three alternative average download speeds are available from NOW TV: 11Mb using ADSL, 36Mb or 63Mb utilizing fibre optic services connected to a regular BT Openreach phone line.

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