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How to cancel Now TV

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Last update: March 27, 2024
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NowTV is a streaming service and broadband provider that offers many types of TV ‘passes’, corresponding to different interests and genres, and a number of broadband deals! If you are already a NowTV customer, you may want to cancel your subscription to switch to another provider or to save some money. Let’s find out how to do it!

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How to cancel Now TV pass

You can cancel your TV pass by logging into your NowTV account online, clicking My Passes, click Cancel Pass for the pass that you don’t want anymore, and follow the steps that come up on the screen.

Once your Pass is cancelled, you’ll see a confirmation message, and get a confirmation email within 3 hours. You’ll be able to keep watching until the date your next payment was due.

How to cancel Now TV BroadbandBefore you cancel your NowTv Broadband, make sure and check your contract dates. Most of the contracts are 12 months, which means if you leave early you may face early cancellation fees. If you are out of the minimum contract period, you can cancel for free.

How to cancel Now TV Free trialYou can cancel your Free Trial in the same way as the passes. You can still access your free trial until your trial date is over, so you get the most out of your trial!

How to cancel Now TV Sky: Cinema & SportsSimilarly to cancelling a NowTV pass, you can cancel the Sky passes via your Account on NowTV online. If you have a Sky subscription with a NowTV pass and you want to cancel your Sky contract, then you will have to cancel by contact Sky themselves as they are your provider.

How to cancel Now TV MoviesYou can follow the steps to cancel the ‘Movies’ NowTV pass which is detailed above. The same method applies to every entertainment pass. You can also reactivate any pass after cancelling by clicking the ‘Restart’ button on the ‘Passes and Vouchers’ page on the website.

Now TV contact numberNowTV prefer that customers use the help articles on the website rather than contacting them via telephone. They offer online live chat or email options on their website, however a customer service number is listed as their contact online: 03303 323 050. For correspondence regarding broadband, you can write to:

NOW TV Customer Care

The Hub

1st Floor

Grant Way



Please be aware that there may be waiting times if you contact the customer care via your mobile or landline phone.

Is there any penalty fee for cancelling Now TV?

Yes, as mentioned, there are early cancellation fees depending on the contract you are in. Make sure to check your contract length to see if you have completed your minimum contract length to ensure you don’t have to pay anything extra once you leave.

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