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Plusnet Contracts: Length, Early Cancellation, and Fees

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Plusnet Contracts offers SIM only and Pay Monthly plans for all customers. Each plan has its selection of connection type and download speed. Here, we will discuss the different contract options available on My Plusnet contracts, the potential perks available to users, how to cancel your contract, and the additional fees you pay once your contract is over.

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Plusnet Contracts: Options Available

Plusnet is the largest and fastest-growing broadband provider in the UK. Their internet connections reach areas where other providers don't offer their services and also provide high-speed fibre for you to surf the web. However, there is a lot of confusion about what kind of Plusnet contract options are available when picking your broadband service from Plusnet. These are some of the options available:

Home Broadband Contracts:

Standard Broadband: In the case of standard broadband, you can sign a Plusnet contract with a minimum term, often lasting 12 or 18 months or one without one.

Fibre Broadband: For all fibre-based services, you must also sign a contract with a minimum term normally lasting 12 to 18 months.

Business Broadband Contracts:

Standard broadband: You can sign a Plusnet contract with a minimum duration, which is often 12 or 24 months, or choose a contract without one.

For all fibre services, including broadband, you must sign a contract with a minimum term lasting 12 or 24 months.

Mobile Phone Service Contract

SIM-only packages

Our SIM-only options are often offered on rolling monthly contracts that are terminable at any time with 30 days' notice. You will be required to sign a contract with a minimum period where plusnet will include a mobile phone with your plan. This contract normally lasts 12, 18, or 24 months.

Plusnet 12 or 18 Months Contracts for Broadband

There are three distinct bundles available from my Plusnet Contract to pick from:

Unlimited Broadband: Unlimited Internet is a basic, inexpensive ADSL/standard broadband service with 10 Mbps average download and upload speeds. Suitable for single-occupancy dwellings or two-person residences.

Unlimited Fibre: 36Mbps on average for affordable fibre internet. This is suitable for three to four occupants in smaller-family homes.

Unlimited Fibre Extra: Plusnet offers the fastest service, with average speeds of 66Mbps. Ideal for large families and student housing with many occupants

The table below shows the information on Plusnet Broadband contracts:

Plusnet 18 months contract

Package Average Speed Duration Setup Cost Cost per Month
Ultimate Fibre Extra 66Mbps 18 months £0 £25.99
Ultimate Fibre Extra & Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile Calls 66Mbps 18 months £0 £31.70
Ultimate Fibre Extra & Unlimited UK & Mobile calls 66Mbps 18 months £0 £36.27
Ultimate Broadband & Unlimited UK & Mobile calls 10Mbps 18 months £0 £34.27
Ultimate Broadband 10Mbps 18 months £0 £23.99
Ultimate Fibre & Unlimited UK & Mobile calls 36Mbps 18 months £0 £34.27
Ultimate Fibre & Evening & Unlimited UK & Mobile calls 66Mbps 18 months £0 £29.70

Plusnet Mobile Contracts

A limited number of affordable SIM-only offers are available from Plusnet Mobile. All are rolling 30-day plans, so if you decide it isn't working for you, you can cancel it or adjust your allotment.

Currently, Plusnet Mobile does not officially provide phone Plusnet contract plans; nevertheless, several resellers do so with a Plusnet SIM. Businesses like Carphone Warehouse and Mobiles.co.uk buy smartphones and SIM cards in large quantities before passing the savings on to you.

You'll be happy to learn that, due to these resellers, a phone contract agreement is still an option if you like the sound of a Plusnet Mobile SIM but were hoping for one.

The table below shows the information on Plusnet SIM Only contracts:

Package Duration Minutes Cost Per Month
5GB Data Rolling 30 days contract Unlimited Minutes £8
15GB Data Rolling 30 days contract Unlimited Minutes £10
30GB Data Rolling 30 days contract Unlimited Minutes £12
50GB Data Rolling 30 days contract Unlimited Minutes £15
2GB Data Rolling 30 days contract 500 Minutes £8
4GB Data Rolling 30 days contract 1000 Minutes £10
6GB Data Rolling 30 days contract 1500 Minutes £12

When does your Plusnet Contract end?

If you are subscribed to the 12, 18, or 24 months broadband Plusnet contract, this contract ends at the end of this period, after which you will be automatically moved to a monthly rolling contract. You will also have the option to cancel Plusnet contract.

For users subscribed to the 30 days rolling contract, the Plusnet contract ends after 30 days, after which they would have the option of renewing or cancelling Plusnet contract.

Are there no contract options available on Plusnet?

There are no options for a contract on Plusnet. The good news is that you don't need a long-term contract with Plusnet. There are a variety of plans available to you, including the flexibility to choose your monthly costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plusnet Contracts

How long does it take to cancel myPlusnet contract?

Users must give a home account 14 days notice to cancel and a commercial account 28 days notice to cancel. This notice can be given via mobile or email.

>How to find out when my contract expires?

Before the end of the contracts, users will receive a mail that will include every detail of your contract, including the end date.

Can I cancel my Plusnet contract anytime?

You will be charged Early cancellation fees if you cancel your Plusnet contract abruptly.

Are fixed prices contracts still available on Plusnet?

With a fixed pricing plan, your line rental and broadband costs will be constant for the duration of your minimum-term contract. Unfortunately, fixed-price contracts for residential consumers were taken off the market and are no longer being sold as of October 7, 2020.

How much does it cost to cancel my Plusnet contract?

A fee known as an Early Termination Charge may be charged if you decide to leave Plusnet before the end of your contract. If you terminate your broadband, phone, or mobile contract, you must pay this fee.

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