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Why choose PlusNet TV?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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PlusNet TV is just another way for PlusNet to create a service that will bring life to your household and will cater to other services such as PlusNet Broadband and Home Phone.

What is PlusNet TV?

PlusNet TV is a way to keep your household entertained by giving the family a range of channels that have the best shows and movies and sport events.

PlusNet TV has now acquired BT Sport Lite so that means the boys in the house can stay updated with Premier League Football and the UEFA Champions League.

If you are living in a house full of mates, then this service will still keep you guys entertained as everyone will be able to watch their favourite TV shows, movies and football teams.

However, customers must be aware that the only way to get the PlusNet TV is to have hired the service PlusNet Unlimited Fibre and Home Phone: all they have to do is sign up and they will be eligible to get PlusNet TV and start enjoying the service.

With PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Broadband, customers will have high quality internet access which will allow viewers to enjoy what they are watching with no interruptions. Just imagine watching the Premier League Football final, the last thing you want is the TV signal to be lagging but with PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Broadband your TV won't be doing that!

How many channels does PlusNet TV have?

Once you become a PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Broadband member and you are eligible for PlusNet TV, you will have access to 20 Premium channels thanks to YouView TV.

YouView TV allows customers to have access to 20 premium channels and BT Sport Lite. The premium channels are: Animal Planet, Crime Investigation, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, E, British Euro Sport, British Euro Sport 2, History, Investigation Discovery, MTV, Imagine Greater, TLC, ALIBI, Gold, W, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, BT Sport, Lifetime.

However, PlusNet TV offers more non premium channels free from FreeView TV, which consists of over 70 TV and radio stations. Therefore, PlusNet customers have so many options that will definitely light up the household!

PlusNet Broadband and TV Deals

Choosing your broadband deal should be the first priority before thinking about joining PlusNet TV. However, customers are very lucky that PlusNet's offer is very appealing and choosing a broadband deal is very easy.

For example, PlusNet broadband deals offer unlimited fibre deals that are really affordable, so clients won't have to spend a fortune to have a really good broadband plan. Also, the contract flexibility allows customers to choose a plan of one month, 12 months or 18 months.

However, choosing PlusNet TV is a lot more fun because there are so many cool packages. There are PlusNet TV packages that allow you to stream your Netflix shows or be able to pause and rewind live TV and even packages with more channels that YouView offers.

The best way to choose a PlusNet TV deal is to talk with your household, discuss whicht is the best package for the family and then choose a PlusNet TV box. YouView premium channels and BT Lite Sport will be always available, so it doesn't matter which box you choose, PlusNet TV customers will be covered and your household will always have something to watch.

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