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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Plusnet are known for their budget broadband deals, but they also offer a promising mobile network! What kind of deals do they have to offer in 2021? Let's find out!

Top mobile of Plusnet
RateData Calls Coverage
PriceSubscribe by
Standard Plans 5GB 30 Daysplusnet
5 GB Unlimited EE £16/pm
Standard Plans 4GB 30 Daysplusnet
4 GB Unlimited EE £14/pm
Standard Plans 3GB 30 Daysplusnet
3 GB 1000 min EE £12/pm
Standard Plans 2GB 30 Daysplusnet
2 GB 500 min EE £9.50/pm
Standard Plans 0.5GB 30 Daysplusnet
500 M B 250 min EE £7.50/pm
Source: Roams, price comparison from the official information provided and/or advertised by the telco companies. Deals are shown for individuals de mobile dePlusnet.Ordered by best deal. Final prices with VAT. Updated at May 29, 2023.

What does Plusnet have to offer?

Plusnet Mobile's main draw is its one-month SIM-only deals. They come with nice low costs, and there are just enough options available to suit most users.

You can also get some contracts that include a phone, though this applies only through mobile resellers or deal websites rather than directly from Plusnet.

And if you have Plusnet broadband at home, you'll also have access to 'Mates Rates' on its plans. That could mean extra data allowance, a lower price, or special offers that aren't available to everyone else.

What is the best deal?

There are a number of good deals available from Plusnet Mobile


  • 3GB of 4G data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Roam like at home
  • £6.00 per month

Second tier:

  • 10GB of 4G data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Roam like at home
  • £8.00 per month


  • 20GB of 4G data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Roam like at home
  • £10.00 per month


Plusnet Mobile connects its customers using EE's network, which happens to have the best mobile coverage in the country. 99% of the population can call and text on the network, 97% can use 3G, and the company boasts that 95% of us can now connect to 4G as well.

That's population coverage rather than geographic, however, so signal doesn't reach every inch of the country. Remember to use a coverage checker before signing up to check you're covered.

With Plusnet Mobile, you won't get 4G speeds as fast as the ones you get with EE proper, but they're still plenty speedy - up to about 30Mb, in fact.

Customer care

Plusnet customer support is a UK-based call centre. Opening hours for customer service are between 9.00 am - 6.00 pm every day. Currently, Plusnet has also consolidated both customer service and technical support in one number.

Plusnet Customer Service number Opening hours
0800 432 0200 +44 345 140 0200 (from outside the UK) Monday to Sunday: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

If you'd prefer to write to Plusnet, use this address:

PlusnetThe Balance2 Pinfold StreetSheffieldS1 2GU

You can also log into your Plusnet account online and use the Help Assistant to submit a written query via the online contact form.

Plusnet don't have a great reputation on review websites. They score a 1.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, however keep in mind this is an overall rating for all of their services, including broadband. And most customers who have a good experience do not bother writing reviews.

All in all, Plusnet offer solid deals for good prices. If you are on a budget and watch a minimum frills, no fuss service, they could be the ones for you.

Plusnet SIM only deals for you

Plusnet customers are very fortunate to have amazing Plusnet SIM only deals because it allows the Plusnet audience to have the luxury of cheap deals that have a wide range of data options. There are some data options as low as 0.5GB with 250 minutes and unlimited texts for only £7.50 on a 30 day contract.

This plan is perfect for Plusnet customers who want to use their Plusnet plan to check emails daily and visit a specific social media platform on a weekly basis. There are that offer a data range of 10GB and 15GB with unlimited minutes and texts. For the 10GB Plusnet SIM only deal is £10.00 and the 15GB plan is £15.00 so Plusnet customers can enjoy these plans at a cheap price.

If a Plusnet customer or a new customer acquires this Plusnet deal they will be able to browse on social media daily, stream music and watch videos. This Plusnet plan is only for 30 days. The best part about all the Plusnet mobile SIM only plans is that if you are a Plusnet broadband member then you get a data bonus on any Plusnet SIM only deal. Therefore, the Plusnet SIM only deals will give you value if you are a Plusnet broadband member.


Once you choose that awesome Plusnet SIM only deal you can take that deal with you to over 40 other countries such as Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and many other awesome holiday destinations. So Plusnet mobile SIM only customers can update their Instagram story of themselves chilling in San Sebastian Spain and update their Facebook status location.

It will feel like you are at home posting on social media as usual with Plusnet mobile roaming. If you need to take extra data or extra minutes and texts then Plusnet Bolt-ons has you covered.

There are awesome Plusnet Bolt-on deals that is design to give you extra data, minutes and texts while you are roaming outside of the United Kingdom.

2G, 3G, 4G Plusnet – Understand the difference

Plusnet offers three different types of data technologies but it is important to understand the different levels of data technologies because it can have a big factor if a Plusnet customers will purchase a Plusnet mobile deals. 2G is a very old data technology that Plusnet customers can only use to check their emails but this deal is still very slow but it will suit a Plusnet plan that has less than one GB worth of data.

A 3G is a much faster internet service compared to 2G but it is still slow but for a Plusnet customers who has a 3GB Plusnet mobile deal for only £7.00 this data technology will be perfect as it allows you to check emails and social media statuses.

4G is the best data technology that Plusnet offers and with this type of data service Plusnet customers should be able to choose any Plusnet SIM only plan as 4G data will work really well for any plan.

Also it is also important to check the Plusnet coverage map because it shows what areas in the United Kingdom offer 3G and 4G so for the best data technology check the Plusnet coverage map.


Plusnet SIM only mobile plans will give all Plusnet mobile customers value in regards to the different type of deals. If the Plusnet audience want a plan with low data or high data there are options for them and the best part is that it will be cheap.

Take your plan with you if you decide to go on holiday with awesome destinations that Plusnet allows you to roam in.

Plusnet SIM only offers 4G data service on all their data plans so Plusnet customers will have the best Plusnet internet. Overall, Plusnet mobile SIM only deals will satisfy any current and new Plusnet customer by giving them quality deals at a cheap price.

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