How to get adult channels on Sky: List of available channels

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky Adult Channels are now available on Sky TV. This article will look at what Sky Q is, how to watch Adult channels on Sky Q, and how much extra you will have to pay. We will also look at the available full Sky Q packages that can get you adult channels on Sky.

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Adults Channel on Sky Q: Channel List

Sky Q has several adult channels available now, and you can easily unlock them with a few simple steps. Here is a list of Adult Channels on Sky Q:

  • Channel 900
  • Channel 901
  • Channel 902
  • Channel 903
  • Channel 906
  • Channel 908
  • Channel 910
  • Channel 915
  • Channel 916
  • Channel 917

Are there Adults Channels on Sky?

Many free-to-air adult channels are available on Sky, including Babestation and Playboy TV chat. Any Sky bundle includes access to these channels without charge.

Several premium channels are also available that require a daily or monthly subscription fee, like Television X and Playboy TV.

Remember that while your Sky TV plan will grant you access to all free-to-air channels, including pornographic channels, Sky has no control over their availability. This implies that the adult TV channels you access could be changed or eliminated at any time.

Additionally, if they haven't been turned off, you must ensure parental controls are disabled. You can find this option in your Sky Q box's preferences.

How to enable Adult channels on Sky Q

Adult Channels on Sky TV are usually locked due to the Parental Guidance feature. This restriction is essential so that children stwill not be able to access the channels by mistake. Follow these simple steps to unlock Adults channels on Sky TV:

  • Press Home on your Sky TV remote.
  • Scroll down to settings and click on it.
  • Scroll down to Parental and click on it.
  • Input your access pin.
  • Click on Family and then click on Hide Adult Content.
  • Here, you would have to switch it on.
  • You now have access to Adult Channels on Sky TV.

Best TV deals to enjoy Adult channels on Sky

When you sign up for any broadband and TV package from Sky, you automatically receive this base package, with more than 300 channels and more than 500 box sets.

There are many '+1' versions of channels that replay programs an hour later, including Sky channels like Sky One and Sky Atlantic, as well as adult and speciality channels.

The table below shows information about Sky TV deals:

S/N Package Channel Numbers Average Speed Duration Set Up Cost Monthly Cost
1. Sky TV Essentials, Superfast 35 + Sky Pay As You Talk 351 36Mbps 18 months £0 £20
2. Sky TV Essentials, Superfast 35 + Sky Pay As You Talk 351 56Mbps 18 months £0 £20
3. Sky TV Ultrafast
  • Netflix
468 500Mbps 18 months £29.95 £60
4. Sky TV + Superfast Broadband 468 59Mbps 18 months £0 £39
5. Sky TV & Kids + Superfast Broadband 484 59Mbps 18 months £29.95 £53
6. Sky TV, Ultrafast broadband + Sky Pay As You Talk 468 145Mbps 18 months £29.95 £51
7. Sky TV & Sky Cinema with Superfast Broadband 484 59Mbps 18 months £29.95 £53
8. Sky TV & Sky Sports with Superfast Broadband 496 59Mbps 18 months £29.95 £63
9. Sky TV, Ultrafast broadband + Sky Pay As You Talk 468 500Mbps 18 months £29.95 £57
10. Sky TV & Sky Cinema + Sky Sports with Superfast Broadband 512 59Mbps 18 months £29.95 £73
11. Sky TV Superfast 35 + Sky Pay As You Talk + Netflix 468 36Mbps 18 months £0 £39

Can I get adult channels with Sky Glass?

In case you didn't know, Sky Glass does away with the need for a satellite dish. Sky TV subscribers will be able to experience the same features as Sky Q, including the ability to pause and rewind live television, using only a Wi-Fi connection. Instead of an entangled mess of HDMI cables running to satellite dishes, audio systems, and other devices. Users will only need to plug the power wire into the Sky Glass. Unfortunately, Sky TV Adult Channels are not available on Sky Glass.

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