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How to book a Sky engineer visit by phone or online

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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With Sky book engineer, you can schedule repair and maintenance visits from Sky engineers. You can also cancel and reschedule visits from Sky engineers. This article will discuss how to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments with Sky engineers. It will also discuss charges for engineer visits, if any.

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How to book an engineer visit on Sky

Booking a Sky engineer is straightforward. Please follow these simple steps

  1. Go to Sky book an engineer page
  2. Sign in with your Sky ID
  3. You'll be prompted to answer some questions about your home.
  4. Pick a time slot that works for you.
  5. Wait for your Sky Engineer visit.

Can I still make a reservation online without a Sky iD?

To authenticate your address and determine if your account is under warranty, you must have a Sky iD to book an engineer visit online. But don't worry, making a Sky iD is quite easy. Visit Create your Sky iD to create one.

Alternatively, you may decide to arrange a Sky engineer visit by calling Sky customer care on 0333 7591 018. When you speak to a customer care representative, they will help you book an engineer visit, and you can choose the most convenient time for an Engineer to visit you.

Note: Please ensure that someone at least 18 years old is present when the engineer arrives. They'll have to agree on the location of your cabling and any other issues that may arise so we can quickly get you set up and enjoy your favourite shows.

Also, Sky is committed to your safety and that of your family members and wants to ensure that you and your family members are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please ensure that:

  1. You maintain a distance of at least two meters from engineers when they visit.
  2. You take away every household item from the work area.
  3. You open all doors and windows in the room where the engineer will work
  4. You keep your pets away.
  5. You keep your WiFi login information, My Sky username, and Viewing Card (if any) by your primary TV or Sky hub.

Book your Sky engineer visit online

To book a Sky engineer online, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Visit the Sky book an engineer page.
  2. Login into your Sky account using your Sky ID. If you don't have a Sky ID, Create one.
  3. Answer some questions about your home as prompted.
  4. Pick a time slot for the engineer visit.

Book a Sky engineer visit by phone: contact number

You can call Sky customer care on 0333 7591 018 to book an engineer visit. This method is best for Sky customers that prefer to speak to care representatives. Please note that you may have to spend some time waiting to speak to a care representative, as Sky get several calls daily.

Booking a Sky engineer visit: are there any call-out charges?

Customers of Sky Talk are not charged for calls placed to contact centres. Calls to 03 numbers are included in your call package and cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers if you're not with Sky Talk. Additional fees may apply and vary by provider.

How to cancel an engineer visit booking on Sky

If you have Sky+ or Sky Q, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to the online My Orders page. You can find out what your Sky iD is and reset your password from this page if you can't remember your login information.
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.

Note: We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but if you miss your appointment or cancel it the day of or the day before, you could be charged £25 on your subsequent payment.

How to reschedule an engineer visit booking on Sky

Follow these instructions if you have Sky+ or Sky Q:

  • Log in to the online My Orders page. You can find out what your Sky iD is and reset your password from this website if you can't remember your login information.
  • Choose a time slot under Change visit date, then click Confirm new appointment.
  • A visit confirmation will be sent to you the day before your scheduled visit.

Note: You will be charged £15 if you schedule a weekend appointment unless:

  • You have Sky Broadband Essential Plus or Sky Broadband Boost.
  • You have upgraded to Sky Q whilst on the Diamond VIP tier.
  • You're a current Sky subscriber moving.
  • Your visit has been postponed at Sky's request.
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