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Manage your Sky Device Pin: How to reset and change it

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky device PIN is a security measure used for parental control in Sky. The Sky device PIN code limits what channels users can access and sets restrictions on the box. This article is focused on answering questions like; How do you know how to change it? Where do you find it? Can I reset it myself?

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What is a Sky Device PIN?

Kids now spend more time than ever in front of screens, whether televisions, laptops, tablets, or phones. With so much stuff at their disposal, parents must have a mechanism to limit what their kids can see.

Parental controls, which enable parents to impose limitations on the content their children can access, are an approach to achieving this. Sky parental controls are tools that let parents manage what kind of entertainment their kids can access on the Sky TV platform.

Your Sky Device PIN, which consists of four digits, can be used to set parental restrictions on channels so that only you can view Sky Go, On Demand, and Catch Up programming while you aren't connected to a Sky Q box.

Parents can also create a Sky device PIN number for each child, enabling them to manage the information that child can watch.

How to turn Parental Control on and off on Sky Q.

When prompted, enter your Sky device PIN to log in online. Select Family from the menu after that. Click on Family. If you want to PIN-protect all categories, choose on, but if you don't want to PIN-protect any of the categories, choose off.

You can also visit to log into your Sky iD account, where you can configure parental restrictions for your Sky Device with your Sky device's four-digit code. You can alter your parental restrictions anytime if your child is under 13. You can quickly turn off parental controls on your Samsung smart TV using the reset PIN.

How to find my Sky Device PIN?

If you have Sky TV, you can find your Sky Pin number by signing in to My Sky online or through the My Sky app. If you don't already have one, you can open a free My Sky account. After logging in, choose the Profile page and scroll down to the Sky Pin area.

Due to Ofcom regulations, PINs are typically asked throughout the day on Sky (Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, and Sky Documentaries), the BBC, Channel 4, and E4. To configure parental controls, make purchases and rentals, and watch PIN-protected content on your Sky Q box, use your Sky device PIN. Like Sky Movies, Sky Atlantic is permitted to air an 18-rated movie during the daytime as long as they maintain the Sky device Pin.

Change your Sky Device PIN

Changing your Sky Device Pin is easy. Follow these simple steps to change your Sky Pin.

On Sky Q

  • Press home on your Sky TV remote.
  • Scroll and choose settings.
  • Click on Parental
  • Enter your current Sky Pin code.
  • Scroll to change Pin.
  • Enter your new Pin twice.
  • You have successfully changed your Sky Pin.

On Sky TV App

  • Open the My Sky app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Manage Account.
  • Choose the TV choice.
  • Click on TV Settings next.
  • Next to "TV PIN," click Edit.
  • Type and verify your new PIN.

Forgot my Sky device PIN: How to reset it

You can rest your Sky Device Pin number on your Sky Q or request that a "Reset PIN" email be sent to the registered account holder's email address.

On Sky Q:

  • Press home on your Sky TV remote.
  • Scroll and choose My Account.
  • Click on Reset PIN.
  • Ensure you have the following information at hand;
  1. Your credit card number.
  2. Your bank account number
  3. Your Sky Account number
  • Depending on how you pay your bill, enter the last six digits of your Sky Account number, credit card number or bank account number.
  • Enter the new PIN you would like to use.
  • Re-enter the new PIN again to confirm.
  • You have now successfully reset your Sky device PIN.

Try again in 10 minutes if the lock does not disappear.

Is there a default Sky Device PIN?

The last four numbers of your viewing card, or 0000, are the default pins for Sky devices. Select Home on the remote and select Settings > Parental to verify this. Enter your Pin there. It will start with 0000, which you previously had with the Sky "classic" box, or with the last four digits of your watching card.

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