Sky ID: what is it, and how to log in or create a new one

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Last update: October 2, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Your Sky ID is your access code to the amazing world of Sky entertainment. This article will help you in creating a new Sky ID. After reading this article, you will also learn how to log into your sky account using your Sky ID. and create a new Sky ID.

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What is a Sky ID, and what is it for?

With Sky iD, you can access Sky's online services, including My Sky, Sky Go, the Sky Store, Sky Broadband Shield, Sky applications, and more. Your Sky ID consists of a password and email address (or username).

Every Sky account must have a primary Sky iD or account Owner for Sky Glass if you have it. The account owner is the first person to create the Sky ID and link it to the account.

You can only have one Primary Sky iD or Account Owner who views account and billing information, makes payments, makes subscription changes and accesses all subscribed services, including Sky Broadband Shield and TV parental controls.

How to create and set up a Sky ID

Creating a new Sky ID is quick and straightforward. Please follow the steps below to create a Sky ID with ease.

  1. Go to the Sky sign-up page.
  2. Click on sign up under the "New to Sky ID?" section.
  3. Fill in the form with the correct information.
  4. Enter the captured word displayed.
  5. If you cannot read it, select a new one or click on the speaker icon to hear it out loud.
  6. Read the terms of conditions carefully and tick the boxes.
  7. Click on "Create Sky ID"
  8. Verify your email address within 30 minutes.

Common issues with creating a sky account

Find some common issues with registering your sky account and how to solve them below:

I keep getting the error message, "We're sorry, something went wrong when attempting to sign up."

If you see the above error message while attempting to register your email address, it signifies that you have already registered and should log in instead. You must ask to reset your password if you can't remember it.

My email address is in use already.

You can connect your Sky account to only one email address. It's possible that you've already registered your email address or are linked to another Sky account and attempting to register the same email address a second time if you are having trouble signing up.

You might need to change your Password in this situation or re-link your My Account to your new Sky account number. Contact Sky via email to re-link your online identity (My Account) with the appropriate Sky account.

My email address has not yet been activated.

Your initial registration will be automatically erased if you don't activate your email address within 24 hours. You will have to re-register if this is the case.

How to log in to your Sky ID

After you create a Sky ID, the next step is to complete your Sky ID login. To log into your Sky account, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Sky login page.
  2. Type in your email address and Password. Remember your Password is case sensitive. So, be careful to fill in your Password like you did when you created your Sky account.
  3. Click Sign In.

Common Issues with Sky ID login

The username or Password is incorrect

Follow these steps if the Password is incorrect

  1. Try typing in your username or Password again. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.
  2. Select "forgot username or password". You will be prompted to go through a password reset.
  3. Contact Sky support.

Locked out by your Password?

Sky Go will temporarily lock you out if you make too many tries to log in, which is invalid. Attempt to reset your Password using the password reset, or try again in 30 minutes.

How do I find my Sky ID?

Follow these steps below if you are asking the question, how do I find my sky id?

If you have access to your account but do not know your Sky ID

  1. Go to the account menu
  2. Select account information
  3. You will see your account details. Please take a screenshot of your details and lock it away somewhere safe.

If you do not have access to your account

  1. Contact Sky customer service
  2. Please provide them with all the information they may require.
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