Moving home with Sky: how to do it, cancel and contact number

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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This article explores Sky moving home and the procedures to follow if you want to take your Sky services with you when you move to a new home, as the services rendered by Sky can now be considered essential to contemporary living. We will also discuss cancelling your home move appointment with Sky. We hope you find this article helpful.

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Moving home with Sky: how to book it

Booking a home moving appointment with Sky is not by any means sophisticated.

Here are a few things to note before proceeding to book an appointment for your Sky home move;

  • Before booking, note that you must pay off outstanding balances on your account (if any).
  • If you are relocating to a flat, you must determine whether your building is Sky Q ready. If it is not, don’t panic, all it requires is a quick system upgrade, which Sky can assist you with.
  • If you are moving your Sky Broadband or Talk, you will be provided with a new landline number. Your old number will no longer be valid. You can keep your current landline number if you are relocating within the same region of your old home.
  • Setting up Sky Broadband in your new home may incur an activation fee. You will be informed of any additional costs when you are about to book your move.
  • You must give Sky at least two weeks’ notice before your moving date to relocate your products to your new property.

Once your appointment has been booked, Sky will send a group of engineers to your home. It is required that someone over 18 authorized to make decisions is present on that day for the engineers to enter your property. They may need to choose where to drill holes in your walls and where to mount your dish, among other things.

The simplest way to move your Sky Broadband is to log into your My Sky app and sign up for the Sky VIP. Sky VIP is a loyalty program that provides existing customers various benefits based on how long they have been with the company. Sky VIP has a section called Home Move, where you can arrange your broadband move as an alternative to calling a Sky expert.

How long will moving home with Sky take?

The Sky Home Move process typically takes about ten working days to complete. Any installation will depend on the accessibility of engineers in your area.

How much does moving home with Sky cost?

Moving your home with Sky is relatively cheap. If you are looking to set up your Sky Dish in your new home, Sky will schedule to visit you. For this visit, there is a one-time fee of £50. Also, you may have to pay for any additional equipment required to set up Sky TV services in your new home and any additional equipment included in an upgrade that is part of your move.

Sky moving home contact number.

You will need to speak with one of Sky’s Home Move experts to book an appointment with an engineer who will set up everything you need at your new home. To contact a Sky Home Move expert, call 03337593970. Be sure to have your new address details, including your postcode and moving date, to hand when you call.

Moving home with Sky TV

When it comes to your Sky TV home move, installing a dish at your new home might not entirely be necessary. As some apartment buildings already share a Sky dish, getting connected to your new location might not be an issue. If there isn’t already a dish installed, you’ll need permission from the homeowners’ association or the landlord to have one installed. As stated earlier, notify Sky two weeks before your moving date to move your Sky TV.

Frequently asked questions about moving home with Sky.

Will Sky move my Sky Dish for free?

No. For regular subscribers, you will be charged £50 for the visit of the engineer who will set up your dish. For Sky VIP members, the home visit is free, but you may still pay for any additional equipment required to set up your dish.

Can I cancel a moving home appointment I made with Sky?

Yes. If you need to cancel your moving home appointment, notify Sky 48 hours before the appointment date. Failure to do this might incur a £25 charge on your subsequent bill.

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