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Sky News: how to watch it live or from your Sky TV

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Last update: October 2, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

Sky News is an exposé into the lives of UK citizens–the country and international matters. You can watch the Sky News channel live if you own and subscribe to Sky TV.

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What is Sky News

Sky News is a British news station that offers excellent coverage of both domestic and international news. Sky News delivers real, original stories that aren't diluted for the masses. The news program is audacious, rebellious, and innovative, placing individuals at the centre of their storytelling.

Sky News is a truly international news service with 13 bureaus worldwide, including Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Delhi, and Bangkok. Sky News employs more than 500 journalists in the UK and abroad.

The Sky News organization's reputation is a valuable asset because its journalism is consistent of the highest calibre, covering a wide range of stories in Putting people at the centre of their tale, both in the UK and abroad.

Sky News is a multi-platform news service broadcast via various platforms, including radio and online. The station and its live streaming world news are accessible on TV platforms, mobile devices, websites, Apple TV, YouTube, and other online platforms.

How to watch Sky News live

Sky News International was made available on Apple TV for users in the UK, Ireland, and the US on June 19, 2013. Sky News live free streaming and video clips from the channel are available to viewers. It was included in the Roku streaming player on July 24, 2013. Sky News International is accessible to viewers worldwide on

On September 30, 2014, Sky News started broadcasting live on YouTube. American users of the free streaming service Pluto TV can also access a live stream of Sky News on channel 135. Since being acquired by Comcast, Sky News has been made available in the United States via the NBCUniversal-run Peacock streaming service and shown on MSNBC and NBC News Now during major events.

Radio stations in the UK and other English-language radio stations worldwide receive news updates from Sky News Radio.

Users of mobile phones or tablets may now download the Sky News apps for free on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The greatest breaking news from Sky News is readily available via Sky TV.

Sky News World: international news

To give local experience and comprehension of international stories, Sky News World correspondents are stationed in the United States, Russia, and China, as well as in Dublin, Brussels, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Delhi, Johannesburg, and Bangkok.

Who can watch Sky News?

Sky news can be watched by anyone in the world who has access to the internet. But other than internet access, viewers need gadgets. These gadgets include laptops, smartphones, Sky TV, Ipad, etc.

Sky News cable and satellite services are available in 127 different countries. The good news is, with Sky TV, the hassle of dishes, wires and satellite is eliminated. Sky TV News can enjoy HDR performance, good audio quality, and stream online.

The experience is a million times better. Sky News can be watched by anyone but enjoyed by owners of Sky TV.

How to watch Sky news on Sky TV

Viewers can watch Sky News on Sky TV by buying the Sky TV( if it hasn't been purchased) and paying the subscription fee. Below is a range of subscription packages available on Sky TV.

Sky TV comes with a free trial month when that expires. There is the option to renew or enjoy Freeview, but the Freeview is limited and doesn't allow for the full experience.

What are the sky package Essentials?

Sky Ultimate TV is what you need if all you're interested in is the basic Sky TV package (Sky Signature TV pack plus Netflix). The names "Sky Original Bundle" and "Sky Entertainment" have also been used to refer to this package. However, they have been phased out in favour of Ultimate TV. Sky's redesigned primary offering is Ultimate TV.

You get a lot for your money when you pay £26 a month (plus a setup cost of up to £49). You may get more than 300 channels with the Ultimate TV package on contracts that normally last 18 months. About half of these stations will probably be familiar to you from Freeview, but you still receive over 100 more channels than you otherwise would.

Sky Full TV Service get anything from Sky £73pm (was £82) normal price £110pm; you save £660. Sky offers a huge selection of TV bundles, some of which can also include live TV, broadband, and on-demand streaming. At the time of our most recent update, prices were verified and accurate.

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