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Sky On Demand: how to watch, fix and connect to this streaming service

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Thanks to Sky on-demand TV, you can access a world of entertainment through your Sky Q and Sky+HD box. This article tries to explain what Sky on Demand means, how to fix it when it's not working, how to connect to Sky on Demand, and a comparison between Sky on Demand with Ultimate TV and Catch-up TV.

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Sky on Demand: What does it mean?

Sky on Demand is the internet-based video-on-demand service offered by Sky. It is included at no additional cost with all its TV packages and offers an enormous range of new and vintage films and television programs.

You have total control over how you see content from the Sky packages you have subscribed to with Sky on Demand. It enables you to watch programmes at a time that is more convenient for you or to catch up on missed programmes.

How much is Sky on Demand:

The cost will vary depending on the plan you choose to purchase since Sky on Demand is included with every Sky TV bundle. The table below shows useful details on Sky on-demand bundles, including features and prices.

S/N On-Demand Bundle Features Price (monthly)
Original bundle
  • Access to over 270 different SD channels.
  • Eleven free-to-air HD channels.
  • Sky Q app.
Variety bundle
  • Download Sky Kids app and Sky Q app for free
  • Over 300 different channels, including some for kids, music, and documentaries.
Sky Box Set package
  • More than 350 channels.
  • Download the Sky Q app, the Sky Kids app, Sky 3D for free.
  • Over 50 HD channels.

Each bundle includes Sky Q, the company's next-generation set-top box, which enables seamless multi-room viewing and gives customers a choice to upgrade to Sky Cinema or Sky Sports for an additional cost.

Sky on Demand is not working; how to fix it?

If Sky on Demand is having problems, the issue is most likely with your router or Sky box. Here are a few options for you in that situation.

To fix Sky on Demand's problems. We advise you to follow each of these steps.

Check the details of your subscription first.

  • Verify whether or not you have a "video on demand" subscription.
  • Check whether you have a membership to the Boxsets or "Ultimate on Demand." If you're unclear, you can ask the support personnel to confirm your chosen services.

Restart the Sky Box

Follow these steps to restart;

  • Verify the functionality of your broadband.
  • Your Sky Box with the remote to turn it off.
  • Remove the Skybox from the main
  • If using an Ethernet cable, unplug it and re-plug both ends.
  • Wait for five minutes before reconnecting the box to the power
  • Your box light should now flash up
  • Press Sky and see if you can download it.

Make some tweaks in the video settings.

After restarting, check to see if you cannot use the Video on Demand Service, then tweak the settings of the downloading option.

Changing the HD settings at times can help you fix the problem of non-downloading, and to proceed, follow these steps:

  • Press "services" on your Q remote
  • Locate the "Options", and then "Customise" it
  • Press "CH+/- "to skip to the next page
  • Highlight the option "On-Demand Download Format" and change it to "SD ONLY."
  • Press the "green" button to "save" the setting
  • And try to use the service again

Try to see if your network connections are correct

Your video demand service is not functioning mainly because of your home network. There's the likelihood that your wifi is not set up properly with the Skybox.

To rectify that, follow these steps;

  • Press "Home" using the Q remote and scroll to "Settings."
  • Press "Status", go to "Network connection", then "Network setup."
  • Check both "Connections to the internet" and "Connection to the broadband router" will be ticked.

Reset and restart your network connection

If you discover that the network connections are not properly set up, you will have to resolve the problem. For this "reset", the existing network connection and pair again and follow these steps to reconnect the wifi.

  • Select "Settings" and local network
  • Now press the "red button" to reset the network
  • Press "Continue", and your connection should reset by now
  • Press the "WPS button", then connect your wifi again

Check out and see whether the VoD is working properly or not. If you find the problem continues to occur, you have to "reboot your router."

Reboot your Router

If you can reboot your router, it will fix many problems that have to do with the network. To reboot your router properly, you have to do the following;

  • Remove the router plug from the mains
  • Wait for two to three minutes and allow the router to cool down
  • Reconnect the router to mains again
  • Wait for the device to fully reboot

If, after properly executing the above-stated steps, you still cannot fix the video download error, then there is some issue with your subscription to Skybox.

You can now contact the support staff by phone or chat them up online and explain the problem you are facing so they can assist you in resolving it.

Sky on Demand with Ultimate TV

Sky Ultimate on Demand is also known as Sky Ultimate TV. Netflix content is integrated into Sky's EPG as part of the Ultimate on Demand bundle for Sky's high-end Sky Q subscribers. It introduces a single monthly charge that includes both your Netflix and Sky bills.

Sky Ultimate on Demand and the service are a perfect complement. For £29 per month (for eighteen months), the package combines the best pay-tv hardware and software in the UK (Sky Q) with our preferred TV streaming provider, Netflix.

Sky's movie lineup and original programming join with Netflix's episodes and movies in the Sky Ultimate on Demand (or Sky Ultimate TV) package. By doing this, any Sky box becomes a one-stop entertainment centre.

Catch Up TV with Sky on Demand

Owners of Sky+HD systems can access TV shows and movies through their broadband connection with Sky Catch Up and Sky on Demand. For instance, you can stream television episodes from the BBC's iPlayer service just like you can on a computer or a streaming TV stick.

You must download Sky on Demand content to your Sky box's hard drive before watching them (or at least in part). However, items in the Showcase areas are downloaded via satellite when your Sky+HD box is not in use, so they may be seen instantaneously.

A third of your box's capacity, or around 180GB on the ordinary Sky+HD box or 500GB on the 1TB and 2TB premium variants, is designated for this purpose.

How do I get Sky on Demand?

Press the Box Office button on your remote control to access On Demand, and the On Demand screen will then appear.

Frequently asked questions about Sky on Demand.

Can I get Sky on Demand for free?

All Sky subscribers with Sky+ HD boxes get free access to On Demand, albeit the subscriber's bundle will determine if they have access to premium content like sports and movies.

How do I connect to Sky on Demand?

You can connect to Sky on Demand through the following methods

  1. Wirelessly
  2. To the internet through a decoder
  3. With integrated wifi
  4. By ethernet cable
  5. Via sky link
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