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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky repairs ensure that your mobile devices, broadband and TV equipment get fixed as soon as possible so that you don't miss out on your favourite Sky services. This article will teach you how to fix your mobile devices or equipment problems when they go bad. It will also walk through the process of booking an engineer when you can't fix the problem yourself.

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Sky repairs: how to fix your devices

To fix your Sky devices when they go bad, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Access device support.
  2. After choosing your device, click Fix a Problem.
  3. Choose your problem, then follow the instructions for help.

At the end of the help steps for devices, if Sky can't fix it online, they will tell you how to schedule it for a repair or replacement.

If SkySky can't fix your mobile accessories online, you might still be qualified for a repair or replacement. Select the accessory you're having difficulties with when you log into 'My Sky' after with your Sky iD.

Note: Verify that your device's warranty is still valid before having it fixed.

In warranty (manufacturer fault)

Check the manufacturer's warranty for more information to see whether your warranty will cover the problem with your device.

Your options for fixing:

  • Get your device repaired through SkySky if you purchased it there, or
  • Send your device to the original manufacturer; you can find more information on their website.

Sky repairs contact number

Call Sky at 0333 7591 018 to get in touch if that suits your preference. Please be informed that because Sky receives numerous calls daily, call wait times may change during busy times.

Sky mobile repairs: have your smartphone fixed

Issues with mobile phones can be frustrating because we depend on our smartphones and the internet services we access through them to lead a normal life every day. If you are having a problem with your smartphone, please do one of the following.

Go on the manufacturer's website or community and find a solution to your problem.

Many phone manufacturers have communities dedicated to helping members fix phone problems. They usually do this by answering questions posted in these communities by other members. You will find these communities beneficial.

Use the Sky mobile repair guide.

Experts write these guides to help Sky subscribers with Sky mobile repairs. You will find these guides helpful in fixing common issues that many Sky subscribers have complained about.

Reach out to Sky

Log into your Sky account to report phone errors. After logging into your Sky account, you can reach out to Sky customer care, who will try to help you fix your mobile device problem.

If they cannot help you solve this problem, the step is to send your device for fixing. Only customers who purchased their phones from SkySky have access to this option. We advise other customers to contact their phone manufacturers or use a responsible third party if a warranty does not cover the device problem.

Sky TV repairs: fix your Sky TV equipment.

If you're having problems with your Sky TV, please follow one of these steps to fix it.

Restart the Sky box.

First, try rebooting your sky box to reset it. To accomplish this:

  1. Turn off all connected devices and the Sky Box directly from the power source (this may include your internet router).
  2. Check that all your box's lights are out, indicating that it no longer has power.
  3. Turn off the box at the mains for a few minutes, then turn it back on. Your Sky Box's light will turn green, and the Sky Welcome channel will show up on the screen if the reboot is successful.

Update your box's software

If your box's reset attempt was unsuccessful, try updating the software on your box:

  • Turn off your box at the mains after pressing the standby button on your remote.
  • Hold down the box's backup button while pressing it.
  • Switch your box back on at the mains while maintaining pressure on the backup button.
  • Release the backup button after continuing to press and hold it for up to 30 seconds until all four of the front panel's lights turn on.
  • You might need to arrange for an engineer to visit to get your box fixed if the lights don't come on.
  • Proceed to the next steps if the lights come on.
  • Now that it's in download mode, your box should take five to ten minutes to finish. Don't try to watch TV or turn off your box while it is in download mode.
  • When you turn on your TV, you will notice a display that reads "Updating System Software."
  • The device will go on standby after the download is finished. Three minutes must pass. Then, switch your box back on by pressing SkySky on your remote.

Examine the Service Status page.

If there are any outages in your area, the Service Status page will let you know. You may access all the required information by logging in with your Sky iD.

Check the Sky remote.

The batteries in your Sky remote may need to be changed if the signal isn't strong enough. If you've reset the box but are still experiencing issues, there might be something wrong with your remote.

Observe the weather

If poor weather is the cause of your Sky TV's malfunction, the satellite signal will be hampered by wind, rain, or other factors. Hold off till the bad weather passes. You may still watch your favourite episodes in the meantime on Sky Go, on demand, or from recordings you've saved to your Planner.

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