How to activate a Sky SIM card with a PAC code or a new Sky number

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky activate sim is a common query among new Sky mobile SIM card subscribers. This article will help you understand how to activate your SIM cards when you purchase a SIM from Sky. We will also help you understand how to activate your Sim cards when you change network providers.

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How to activate your Sky SIM card

For your SKY Mobile SIM card to be unlocked and activated:

  1. Log in by going to the SKY SIM website.
  2. You must sign up for an account if you don't already have one by choosing Sign Up and providing your account information.
  3. Your account will be operational once your email address has been verified.
  4. Log in and scroll down to the section Activate Your SIM to activate the SIM. Enter your activation code after clicking Continue.
  5. Your SIM will be available for usage when you choose to Activate it.

Activate Sky SIM card with a new Sky Mobile number

Wondering how to activate sky sim card?Follow these easy steps to activate a new Sky mobile number:

  1. Go to the Activate your SIM page on Sky.
  2. Select the appropriate response to the question regarding your purchase place.
  3. Choose your payment option.
  4. Respond to the "Do you have a Sky iD?" question with a Yes/No response. Before logging in, the carrier will ask you to log in or register an account.
  5. Find the email that Sky sent you in the past by opening your email service provider, such as Gmail.
  6. To link the SIM order to the Sky user account, click the link and sign in using Sky ID.
  7. Activate your Sky SIM by visiting the last page.
  8. The activation process should have already started while you were connected to Sky ID. If not, please log in first.
  9. To receive a new number, select Don't have a PAC or STAC? From the Activate your SIM menu.
  10. Before selecting Activate SIM, choose a spending limit and enter the seven-digit activation code found on the ordered SIM card. Use the 19-digit number if that doesn't work.
  11. After you enter the SIM card into your smartphone, you will receive a text message saying "activation successful" in a few minutes.

Activate Sky SIM card with PAC code

If you want to port from another network to Sky, you will require a porting authorization code (PAC) or Service Termination Authorization Code (STAC) from your former mobile network provider. Text PAC to 65075 using your old SIM (not your Sky SIM) to request a switching code (PAC) from your previous carrier.

After you receive the Porting authorization code (PAC), you can follow these steps to activate your Sky SIM card.

  1. Activate your SIM card following the instructions under the activate your new Sky mobile number section
  2. Click on "transfer your number."
  3. Fill in your PAC number.
  4. Click on the Activate SIM button.
  5. Put your SIM card in your phone and wait for Sky to transfer your number. You can use your Sky SIM before Sky transfers your number.

Note: If you submit your transfer request on weekdays before 6 pm (excluding bank holidays), Sky will complete your number transfer before 5 pm the next day; if you submit the transfer request after 6 pm or on Saturday or Sunday, you will have to wait two working days for your number transfer.

How long does it take to activate a Sky SIM card?

The time it takes to activate your Sky SIM card depends on if you're activating a new SIM or porting from an old network carrier.

  1. If you want to activate a new SIM, it takes a few minutes for Sky to activate your SIM mobile number.
  2. If you're porting from another network carrier, it can take between one and two working days, depending on when you submit your transfer request.

Can't activate your Sky SIM card? What to do

Is your sky sim activation not working? or are you having problems switching network providers? please follow these steps:

  1. Check that you have provided Sky with the correct details, including Sky ID, PAC number and SIM information.
  2. Check that your PAC number has not expired. Your PAC number lasts for only 30 days.
  3. You may get one of these three messages if your mobile device is from another network carrier: 'SIM not supported',' Please enter your network unlock code', 'Enter SIM network unlock PIN'. If you get any of these messages, don't hesitate to contact the network providers you bought the mobile device from, they will help you unlock the phone.
  4. You can contact Sky and provide them with the error code displayed on your screen. They will help you solve the SIM activation problem.

Frequently asked questions about Sky SIM card activation.

Where can I find my Sky SIM activation code?

You can find your SIM activation code on the SIM card you order. It is a seven-digit number.

Do I need to activate my Sky SIM if it's a replacement SIM?

You must activate your Sky SIM if it's a replacement SIM.

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