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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Sky's new Broadband Buddy app equips parents with the tools they need to monitor and control their family's internet usage wherever they are.

This tool gives parents complete oversight of their children's screen time and allows them to block sites or apps, ensuring safer browsing time. You can time the internet to shut off at a certain time.

But the big difference with Sky's Broadband Buddy is that allows you to monitor and control your kids' internet usage while they're out and about. Not just when they're in the home. Kind of like a tracking device!

So how exactly does Sky Broadband Buddy work? How can you get it? And will it cost you anything extra? Let's see!

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What is the Sky Broadband Buddy?

Sky's Broadband Buddy is simple to use, but offers wide-reaching functionality.

Here's what the buddy allows you to do:

  • Designate age-range content filters for each family member, such as PG, 13 or 18.
  • Set a total amount of usage per day, after which point access is turned off.
  • Set times of day for homework or bedtime, when you can impose a ban on internet access.
  • Monitor kids' usage at home and when they're using mobile internet on their phones.
  • View all sites visited and see other online activity via the History section of the app.
  • Give out rewards for good behaviour. Homework done on time, for instance?. You can give them extra time on their favourite sites or to play games.
  • Track your kids' location. As long as their phone is on and location services are on, you'll be able to see where they are at all times. Handy!

How do I get the Sky Broadband buddy?

You can download the Broadband Buddy smartphone app, which is available for iPhone, iPads and Android phones and tablets from the App store.

In terms of software, for Apple devices you'll need to be running iOS 10 or later. For Android devices, your device will have to be powered by Android 5.0 or later.

How to Set up Sky Broadband Buddy

To get started, parents need to download the app and sign in with their Sky log-in. From there you can set up user profiles for all the family members whose usage you want to monitor.

Once that's done, tap on a profile and you'll be able to determine individual time-limits and downtime, as well as set up filters for each person. You can set up as many profiles as you like.

At the point you set up the profile, the app will bring up a full list of internet-enabled devices that have ever been connected by your broadband router.

  • Pick out the right devices corresponding to each family member. You can add as many devices as you want.
  • Next up, you'll need to set filters, such as' PG' or '13', and the app will block content deemed unsuitable for the age filter you've chosen.

The PG filter blocks out adult sites, forums, gambling, online games and online shopping.

Pre-teens in the '13' category are allowed more freedom, but will still be barred from explicit content and dating sites.

After that you can set up time limits, which lets you impose a total internet shutdown for a pre-determined time, or just limit total time spent online, or even limit time spent on particular types of online entertainment.

Finally, you can finish up by setting an off-time or bedtime. At which point you can turn off all internet connectivity for devices registered to a particular profile.

The usage restrictions you select will be enforced within the home when your kids are using their home broadband connection. They are also used on mobile data and when out and about.


I can't sign into Broadband buddy…

You need to have:

  • Your Sky iD. It needs to be the main account holders or an authorised one. You can create a Sky iD at any time
  • One of Sky's current broadband packages.
  1. Sign into your Sky Account
  2. Select Broadband & Talk and check that it shows in Your Package. If it doesn't show up, you need to upgrade or double check that your package is activated.
  3. Select My Details and check for Full Access or Authorised next to Your Sky iD. If it doesn't, contact Sky.
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