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Does Sky Mobile offer Wi-Fi Calling UK?

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Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sky Mobile UK offers Wi-Fi calling to their customers but before you are able to access Wi-Fi calling there a few things you need to do such as having a mobile phone that is capable of having Wi-Fi calling.

Sky Wi-Fi what you need to know

The first thing you need before being able to make a Wi-Fi call is that you must first have a compatible phone from Sky Mobile. Sky Mobile UK has taken the liberty of giving a few examples of what classifies as a compatible phone.

Here is a list of compatible phones:

  • Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 6 (12.3 iOS version or any version later)
  • Samsung Galaxy A20e, A70, A90 (5G), J4+, Note10, Note10+, Note10+ (5G), S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10 and S10+
  • Sony Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 10, XZ1, XZ2, XZ3 and XA2
  • Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Please be aware that it is important to have a compatible that will allow you to have access to Wi-Fi calling and Sky Mobile UK has stated that there will be more compatible phones that will be coming soon.

Also, don't worry if you are using Wi-Fi calling and decide to leave the house or whatever your situation maybe, your call will automatically transfer your call to 4G calling without disconnecting your call.

It is important that your mobile phones is set up and ready for Wi-Fi calling or else you won't be able to access Wi-Fi calling.

To learn how to set up your iPhone for Wi-Fi calling if you did not get it from Sky Mobile UK follow these easy steps:

  1. Settings > General > Software
  2. Chose Download and Install and enter the passcode that already exists
  3. Make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions then select Agree to confirm
  4. Once the download is complete than turn you Wi-Fi calling on
  5. Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling (tap on the icon so that it turns green)

Once this is all done your iPhone will be ready for Wi-Fi calling, however if you do buy your iPhone from Sky Mobile UK your mobile phone will already have the new download as part of the set up with Sky Mobile UK.

For Android users you must download the latest software version and then you must enable your Wi-Fi calling by:

  1. Go to Wireless and Network Settings
  2. Choose More or More Networks options
  3. Then when you see Wi-Fi Calling appear then enable it by tapping on the icon

This will then allow you to have Wi-Fi calling for your Android so you can start calling your family and friends using your Wi-Fi.

Sky Wi-Fi Calling Charges

Fortunately, for all Sky Mobile UK customers Wi-Fi calling does not cost you any extra charges, this is because you will be using a broadband connection to make the Wi-Fi call.

So, Wi-Fi calling is a good way to save on your current Sky Mobile UK SIM only plan because you won't have to use the data from your Sky plan.

However, it will take up some of your broadband GB but not much as a Sky mobile UK Wi-Fi calling only uses up 7-10MB for a 30minute call which is not much at all.

If you are travelling abroad Wi-Fi calling is not available to you as it is only available in the UK but with Sky Mobile roaming you can roam to over 30 destinations that will cost you nothing extra from your Sky Mobile plan.

Therefore, enjoy the advantages that Sky Mobile UK Wi-Fi calling has to offer as you are able to save a lot of data.

Sky Mobile Wi-Fi Calling issues

Sometimes you may not have the best experience for Wi-Fi calling which can be a list of things that you won't know about.

Here is a list of things that can cause a loss of connection or poor call quality:

  • Your movement – you are moving way too much that you keep using different Wi-Fi hotspots, for example you are walking in and out of your house.
  • The Wi-Fi could be catering to the whole household as everyone will be on a Wi-Fi call at the same time
  • You are not in a Wi-Fi coverage area at the time of your call
  • Wi-Fi could drop at any time for technical reasons

The best way to deal with these issues is to stay in the Wi-Fi hotspot zones and if your call drops because the Wi-Fi drops just call again when the Wi-Fi is up and running again.


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