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Roams UK Post updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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It is important to take into consideration both positive and negative customer experiences because it will help grow the company. A negative customer experience can be seen as an opportunity to improve and learn from the mistakes made. A company should use positive customer feedback to build on the success and continue to work on making the service better.

Tesco SIM only Negative vs Positive

Tesco SIM only deals will always do its best to provide the best Tesco customer service and by doing this delivering the best internet service and just keeping the Tesco customer happy. However, in unfortunate occasions a Tesco customer will be unhappy with the Tesco SIM only plans. If a Tesco customer has a bad experience with a Tesco SIM only deal than Tesco must not panic but use this opportunity to make a fix the problem and give the Tesco customer a positive experience.

Also if the Tesco customer enjoys the Tesco SIM only deals and is happy, Tesco must ride the wave of positivity and work on building more positive customer experiences. Therefore, it is important to see both positive and negative experiences as an opportunity to grow Tesco as a company.

Tesco network review

The Tesco SIM only deals will relate to the Tesco network so it is important to also view some of the customer experiences have with Tesco network. Tesco mobile relies on O2 for coverage which means that O2 customers and Tesco customers will have the same coverage.

A customer has stated that the O2 signal is the worse signal in its area. This is a bad look for Tesco because it means that Tesco mobile customers will also experience this bad signal.

Although this is not Tesco is fault it still needs to look at making adjustments to the network so that Tesco customers can have a better signal and can lead to positive reviews. This is a negative experience but it can easily be fixed by Tesco reviewing who they should rely on to deliver their network.

Tesco customer service team is improving day by day

If there is one service that Tesco will always want to keep at a high standard, it will be Tesco customer service. The Tesco customer service team works hard to deliver to Tesco customers the best experiences.

However, sometimes Tesco customers are not happy with the customer service. Tesco needs to use the negative customer service as a opportunity to learn from their mistakes and try and improve. For example, a Tesco customer stating that ¨disgraceful customer service¨ is not a good look for Tesco mobile but they can use this comment to address the customer and work on how to avoid comments like this.

Another Tesco mobile customer ¨don't understand all the bad reviews¨ this is a positive comment because the customer explains how the customer care from Tesco mobile is brilliant.

Tesco can build on this positive feedback and make sure to continue to work on satisfying the customers.

Tesco Insurance

Tesco insurance is an amazing deal for Tesco customers and Tesco mobile must make sure that they stay on top of things because Tesco mobile insurance is a good service.

However, if Tesco mobile insurance gets negative feedback such as ¨Tesco mobile insurance is a joke¨ Tesco mobile must look at addressing this issue.

The Tesco mobile insurance team can locate this customer and find out why they feel this way and work on delivering a much more positive customer experience with Tesco insurance.


Tesco Mobile should always take both negative and positive feedback as an opportunity to grow and develop their business. Tesco Mobile SIM only deals and Tesco insurance can use negative customer feedback to learn and improve.

However, most importantly Tesco mobile customer service should continue to deliver great customer service and keep the negative experiences low.

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