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Last update: May 29, 2023
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As one of the main mobile network providers in the UK, Three offers a broadband deal with a modem that is easy to set up and is different from a traditional fibre and cable Wi-Fi.

How do I get Three home broadband?

The time of waiting for an engineer to install your broadband is over, the process of setting up a Three Home broadband is as easy as charging your mobile phone.

The first step is to unbox your router, then slide the SIM into the hub and plug it into the wall, follow this process for both 4G and 5G hubs.

4G Home broadband

4G broadband is Internet that travels through the airwaves that is similar to what your mobile phone uses.

There are two types of 4G hubs that clients can choose, the HomeFi Plus is a Wi-Fi router that can connect up to 64 devices at once. This device will suit crowded houses that need to be online at the same time.

The Al Cube is a broadband that is combined with a smart speaker (Alexa) which customers can use their voices to play their favourite song, book appointments, order food and many more.

Both 4G mobile broadband deals can offer an unlimited data plan so streaming movies, games and music will be no problem.

5G Home broadband is a Game Changer

It's time to take your Wi-Fi experience to the next level by giving you access to 5G, which means customers will get faster Internet than 4G.

Three UK 5G deals offers unlimited data plans, so it can compete with the traditional fibre and cable Wi-Fi but setting up your Three broadband is a lot easier.

Clients don't need a landline to set up their Three broadband and can take their hub (4G & 5G) upstairs, downstairs or outside in the shed as long as its connected to a power socket.

Mobile Broadband Three

Take your Wi-Fi with you wherever you go by choosing a mobile broadband that is affordable and offers a range of benefits.

The 4G+ MiFi is a lightweight portable low cost Wi-Fi device that can connect up to 10 devices at the same time, which is the perfect device for University students that want to study outside the library.

If customers want a mobile broadband with unlimited data, then a Huawei HomeFi Unlimited data 12month contract is a great option.

Finding a deal with unlimited data is the best plan to have, as it will keep customers online longer. One of the benefits of a Three UK mobile broadband is clients can use their Snapchat without touching their data.

PAYG broadband deals

Three pay as you go broadband deals will keep members online throughout the month with great plans such as the Pre-loaded 24GB that is valid for 24 months and costs £60.

There are many more Three UK pay as you go broadband deals that customers can choose from

Broadband Business Deals

Doesn't matter how small or big your business is, The Dongles and Mobile Wi-Fi deals allow employees to take their Wi-Fi wherever they go.

Workers have the option of choosing a SIM or iPad that is jam packed with data for offsite meetings and one of the benefits of these business deals is employees can travel light.

Having a wireless broadband is different but may be beneficial for the right type of company.

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