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What does Three Deals offer?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Three is one of four major mobile network providers in the UK, if you are a new customer looking for great prices on broadband and SIM only deals than Three has you covered.

Three SIM only deals

Three launched 5G in 2020, which is the best data technology in the UK and customers can get a 5G SIM at no extra costs. 5G compared to 4G is on another level as it allows clients to stream movies and music with no buffering.

Members who choose a 5G SIM deal will never lose connection in crowded places compared to 4G technology.

All Three SIM plans offer unlimited minutes and texts, so staying connected with your family and friends is easy. There are plans that offer unlimited data and customers can roam around the EU like they're at home.

Three Pay as you Go

If monthly plans are not for you, then joining a PAYG deal might be the best option. The main benefit of a pay as you go deal is that it provides clients with the flexibility of changing their plans at the end of the month.

Three Broadband deals

The process of setting up your Three broadband is very simple, unbox your router, put in the SIM, plug it into the wall and you're ready to be online.

Get 4G home broadband, which is an Internet that travels through airwaves that is similar to the Wi-Fi that your mobile phone uses. This is one of the fastest broadband to set up as you only have to plug a 4G hub into a power socket and you're good to go.

Time to take your broadband experience to the next level with 5G home broadband, which gamers and movie lovers will appreciate as they won't have any problems with buffering.

The future is 5G home broadband, as it is very simple to set up by plugging the 5G hub into a power socket. Customers don't need to book an engineer or fiddle with cables to set up the Wi-Fi.

Three Business SIM only plans

If you are starting a business or already have one but looking for a new mobile network provider, then Three business deals might be right for your company.

Having a business SIM only deal that offers unlimited data, minutes and texts is ideal because your employees can stay connected with each other and their customers.

However, choosing the right deal depends on the size of your company, as well as how many employees your business has.

Three Business Broadband deals

Business broadband deals allow companies to take their Wi-Fi wherever they go. The Three Dongles and mobile Wi-Fi is the perfect device for off-site meetings with customers. Depending on what type of business you are running, a wireless modem could benefit your company.

iPhones, iPads and Tablets

There are great prices for monthly deals on mobile phones, iPads and tablets, such as the Samsung A21, which costs around £20.00 a month. Three does offer other brands like Google, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, OnePlus and Xiaomi for mobile phones and Huawei for tablets.

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