Three Mobile Broadband: Deals, Setup, and Coverage

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Three mobile broadband is one of the most popular providers of Mobile and home broadband and your best choice to have as your internet connection at home. Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere. This article will discuss where you can get it, how to set up Three mobile broadband, and what coverage it has.

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Three Mobile Broadband Deals and Plans

Three Mobile has some genuinely competitive broadband offerings, while it may be better known for its pay monthly and SIM deals. Three Mobile broadband offers a different approach from Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk, and Plusnet, all of whom rely on BT-owned Openreach for their fixed-line broadband network, keeping your maximum download speeds constantly.

Whether you're looking for an iPad SIM card or a dongle for your computers, Three has an enormous selection of mobile broadband services.

Three MiFi

To emphasize how sophisticated their mobile WiFi devices are, Three names them MiFi. They are tiny, portable devices that transmit a WiFi signal to your connected devices. Consider MiFi as a portable, extremely compact router that is mobile-connected.

With a dedicated "RoadFi" gadget for your car, Three also offers these in either 3G or 4G form, with 3G being slightly cheaper but 4G being significantly faster.

A MiFi gadget can be purchased outright and bundled with a month's worth of data, or you can opt for a long-term contract that spreads the expense over time. The monthly data limit pricing, which varies from 1GB to 20GB, is shockingly affordable.

If you decide to buy altogether, you may take up a pay-monthly data-only SIM plan at any time. You can also use your MiFi on a pay-as-you-go basis by acquiring a 30-day bundle of data anytime you need it.

Three Dongles

Not interested in experimenting with WiFi? Only one computer needs broadband. Get a Three broadband dongle in your possession. Despite having 12-month and 24-month payment options, they are significantly less expensive to purchase upfront than a MiFi gadget. Benefit payments are between 2GB and 20GB per month, but the connection is "advanced 3G" rather than 4G. That at least keeps costs down, which is a bonus.

Three Tablets and iPad SIM

Users who already own an iPad, tablet, dongle, and mobile WiFi can purchase SIM cards from Three. Many data-only SIM options are available, depending on whether you like a rolling one-month gig, a more affordable 12-month commitment, or just pay-as-you-go.

Allowances range from 1GB to 20GB once more. Unfortunately, while Three does offer plans with unlimited data for mobile phones, they are not available for tablets.

4G+ Mobile Broadband on Three

Three offers the quickest and perhaps most efficient 4G home broadband router. It supports the more recent Category 18 LTE technology, although you'll typically have to spend a little extra. You will also receive a special smartphone app to administer your home network.

You can use Three's 4G+ Hub app to control your home network in addition to the enhanced 4G access. It features a useful feature that enables you to configure your router and receive the best 4G signal on it. The devices connected to your home network are also visible and manageable.

The table below shows the plans available on Three 4G+ broadband:

Package Data Allowance Duration Upfront Price Monthly Price
Three 4G Plus Hub Unlimited Data 24 months £0 £20 with up to 6 months half price.
Three 4G Plus Mifi 10GB 1 month £49 £14
Three 4G Plus Mifi 40GB 24 months £0 £17
Three 4G Plus Mifi 40GB 1 month £49 £19

Three Home Broadband: 4G and 5G for your house

Like a mobile phone, the company's WiFi routers are driven by a SIM card that connects to Three Mobile's 4G and 5G broadband. With maximum download rates of 1Gbps when linked to 5G, which is around 14x speedier than the typical home internet connection in the UK, Three mobile broadband can offer significantly faster download speeds than the country's ageing broadband infrastructure in some areas. There are no additional fees if you download gigabytes of data because everything comes with unlimited data.

This strategy also has additional benefits. Your Three mobile 5G broadband can be plugged in anywhere in the house because the mobile network power it. The WiFi hub from Three Mobile has to be linked to the mains, unlike WiFi routers from BT or Sky, which must be connected to the fibre-optic connection placed during the engineer's visit, often in a somewhat awkward area of the living room or corridor.

The table below shows information about Three mobile broadband plans:

Package Data Allowance Duration Upfront Price Monthly Price
4G Home broadband Unlimited Data 24 months £0 £20 with up to 6 months half prie.
5G Hub Unlimited Data 24 months £0 £24
5G Hub Unlimited Data 1 month £0 £20

Three Mobile Broadband Coverage: Where is it available?

Around 97% of the country is covered by 3G on Three, so you should always be able to access the internet, though train rides may result in signal loss.

Although there is less 4G and 5G coverage, you should be able to connect in towns and cities. Users can check Three mobile broadband coverage on the Three broadband coverage map.

How to set up Three's Mobile Broadband

Getting your Three Mobile Broadband Hub up and running is pretty simple. Use the power adaptor to plug your hub into a plug socket, then turn the power on the wall. Find the location where you get the best speed after giving your hub a few minutes to start.

Router for Three Mobile Broadband

A mobile broadband device that is 4G capable is the Huawei B311 Wireless Router. Up to 32 devices can be linked to a secure WiFi hotspot. It can run for up to six hours and can stand by for up to 350 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Three Mobile Broadband

How soon is the Three Mobile broadband delivery?

You can get your Three mobile broadband hub delivered a day after you order it. However, orders made at 20:00 will be delivered after two working days.

How do I connect my devices to Three mobile broadband?

You can connect using WiFi, WPS or the network cable included in the box.

Will I be charged for installation?

No, you will not be charged. You have to plug in your device to a power source, and you will be connected.

Does Three mobile broadband require a landline?

No. Three mobile broadband uses a wireless connection.

What speeds are available on Three's Mobile Broadband

You may enjoy download speeds of up to 600 Mbps on 4G and up to 1,000 Mbps on 5G with Three's home internet service. Keep in mind that 3G connections are slightly slower than 2G ones; according to OpenSignal, they average 6.5Mb.

How do I find my Three Mobile numbers?

It's simple to locate if you've lost your phone number or need to know your Three Mobile Broadband number. But that hinges on the phone's software.

For iPhone users:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Tap on Phone.
  • Look for my number. Your mobile number should be displayed here.

For Android users:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select the phone or about the device. Some versions of phones display their mobile number here.
  • If your mobile number isn't displayed here, search and click on status or phone identity, your mobile number should be displayed here.

Find your Mobile broadband number online:

  • Go to Three's Device Support Page online.
  • Click on View Tablets or View mobile broadband devices.
  • Search and click on Find out your number.
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