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Virgin Media contracts: broadband, TV or mobile fixed and rolling contracts

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Last update: August 23, 2023
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A Virgin Media contract is a legal agreement you make with virgin media when you purchase products or services. In this article, learn about the different contracts available at Virgin Media; fixed term or rolling contracts. We will also discuss the legal part of these contracts, such as renewal, end date and status.

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What is a Virgin Media contract?

When you sign up for any deal with Virgin Media, whether as a new or existing client, you are effectively getting into a contract; furthermore, whenever you click “I agree” to the terms of use and service, you are officially in a contract with Virgin Media. However, hidden in the fine print is a lot of important information, including additional fees and rights of cancellation. You also get information as it relates to terms of acceptable use and general standards of service.

Some of the vital information in your Virgin Media contracts are listed below.

  1. Package and Pricing: Your contract contains information concerning what package you are currently on, how much you are currently paying and what the new price will be once your current contract expires. Furthermore, your contract details exactly what services you have paid for.
  2. Contract Length: Virgin Media has varying Contract Lengths starting at 12 months and upwards. You can decide to switch to a different service or renew your contract at the end of your contract. However, terminating your contract prematurely attracts a fee.
  3. Equipment you are entitled to: Virgin Media provides you with certain equipment and your subscription. This equipment is delivered at an agreed date and must be properly taken care of.
  4. Cancellation Rights: You reserve the right to cancel your Virgin Media contract within fourteen days of purchasing the package. After the initial fourteen days, cancellation attracts a penalty fee.
  5. Information concerning moving Houses: There’s no need to be worried if you still have a subscription package and you’re moving houses. However, you must provide prior notice to Virgin Media to keep using your broadband if it is available in the new house.
  6. Fair and Acceptable Use: Illegal and unacceptable behaviour or content can lead to being banned from using Virgin Media.
  7. Rights of Privacy: Virgin Media protects your private data but may use it in special situations.
  8. Virgin Media Billing: Your contract details your payment type and card details.
  9. Late payment of Bills: Late payments attract a fine.

Virgin Media 12-month contracts

Virgin Media offers Broadband, TV and Phone services for 12 months.

Broadband 12-month Deals

Here are some of the best broadband deals for 12 months.

250Mb Broadband 245Mbps 40 480
1G Broadband 1Gb/s 50 600
500Mb Broadband 490Mbps 40 480

Here are some of the best 12-month packages for Broadband, Home phone and TV.

250Mb+big TV 245Mbps 55 660
500Mb + big TV 490Mbps 55 660
500Mb + bigger TV 490Mbps 60 720
1G + bigger TV 1Gb/s 70 840

Here are some of the best 12-month packages for Broadband and Home phone only.

1GB Broadband + World Talk 1Gb/s 53 636
500Mb Broadband + World Talk 490Mbps 43 516
250Mb Broadband + World Talk 245Mbps 43 516
250Mb Broadband + World Unlimited Talk 245Mbps 45 540
500Mb Broadband + World Unlimited Talk 490Mbps 45 540
1GB Broadband + World Unlimited Talk 1Gb/s 55 660

Virgin Media 30-day rolling contracts

A rolling contract means your contract will continue until you choose to end the deal. With a rolling contract, you can cancel your contract at any point without paying any fee so long as you give a Month’s notice. If you can’t commit to a long-term contract, a Rolling contract is a great choice.

Here are some available 30-day rolling contracts.

M100 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekend 108Mbps 51 Broadband plus phone
M50 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekends 154Mbps 45 Broadband plus phone
M350 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekends 362Mbps 63 Broadband plus phone
M200 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekends 213Mbps 57 Broadband plus phone

Virgin Media contract renewal

When your current Virgin Media contract expires, you have a few options you can explore.

  1. You can stick with the service as usual. Prices may differ, but you keep getting uninterrupted service.
  2. You can choose to change your package. Decide if you would like to stay on your current package, upgrade your subscription or modify the services you use.

Note: If you choose to leave Virgin Media or change your services, your kit will need to be returned, and virgin media will inform you via text and email. If you do not return your kit, you will be charged for it as set out in the terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media Contracts

Can I terminate my contract halfway?

Cancelling your contract halfway attracts a special fee as specified in terms of service.

How do I know if prices have been adjusted?

Virgin Media is responsible for giving you a thirty-day notice before any price changes are implemented.

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