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What does Virgin Media Deals offer Existing Customers?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Existing Virgin Media broadband customers can upgrade to get faster broadband speed or add a TV plan to keep the house entertained. Clients can also upgrade their SIM only plan to get a cheaper deal.

Why Virgin Media Existing Customers should upgrade their Broadband

The standard Virgin Media broadband speed is 108Mbps, which is still a decent broadband speed but customers can upgrade and get plans that offer faster Wi-Fi.

The faster your Internet speed the better it is for homes that have gamers or busy households and have multiple devices operating online at the same time.

For the world we live in today being online is one of the most common things to do so before upgrading customers should make sure to choose a new broadband deal that is perfect for everyone in the house.

Clients who upgrade to a Virgin Media Broadband deal that offers 362Mbps will experience a faster Wi-Fi speed then other providers such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk.

Upgrade to a Virgin Media Broadband & TV Deal

Virgin Media broadband existing customers who have been on a standard Virgin broadband deal for the last 12months can upgrade and add at TV service.

One of the benefits of upgrading to Virgin TV is that it offers a lot of channels that will showcase all the best movies, TV shows and the Premier League. 

When clients decide to upgrade to a broadband and TV deal they will find plenty of deals that will suit their households such as deals that provide enough Wi-Fi speed for a small or big household.

Add Sky Cinema & Sky Sport 

Existing broadband and TV customers can add more entertainment by adding Sky Cinemas and Sky Sports.

This will be perfect for the family, as they will have more movies and sports to watch, also if clients get bored from watching movies they can cancel the Sky Cinema upgrade after 30 days.

Virgin Media TV does offer some sports channels; however, it is not as popular as Sky Sports.

Sky Sports offers six more channels than Virgin TV sports, which means clients will have more sports updates than your average Virgin Media TV channel.

However, if customers feel that a Sky sports upgrade is unnecessary than they can cancel after 30days.

Upgrade you're SIM Plans to get more data

There are always promotions on Virgin SIM only deals; for example, there is a plan that is offering 20GB and but now offers 5GB for the same price.

This is a great plan for university students or people looking to save money on their next plan.

Customers will be able to browse on social media and stream videos, as there is a lot of data. However, these promotion deals only apply to existing customers.  

Virgin customers can also upgrade to their contract length that best suits them; there are SIM only deals that offer 12month terms but when they upgrade they can deals that offer a 24-month contract.


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