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Vodafone Business: Broadband and Mobile solutions for SMEs and large enterprises

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Last update: August 23, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Vodafone Business provides great solutions for your Business's Phone and Broadband needs regardless of size. From Small and Medium enterprises to Larger Corporations, you can get the best experience and service at the best rates. Find solutions suitable for as low as ten (10) employees to an unlimited number of users. In this article, get all the information about what packages are available for your Business and how to best leverage these services.

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Broadband Plans for Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business is a great option for businesses looking to save money on Broadband costs as an organization. Get any of the following plans for a great broadband experience. There are two basic broadband plans with Vodafone.

1. Superfast 1 38 20
  • No upfront fees.
  • Unlimited data
  • Vodafone WiFi hub
2. Superfast 2 Pro 76 29
  • No upfront fees
  • Unlimited Data
  • Vodafone WiFi hub
  • Most reliable connection
  • Super WiFi booster for strong connection in every room.
  • Dedicated WiFi support.

Note: MBPS is Megabits per Second

You can get the following kinds of Broadband on Vodafone.

  1. Business Broadband FTTP: This provides Fibre to the premises or Full Fibre.
  2. Complete Connectivity: A scalable solution that can grow with your Business.
  3. Gigacube: This flexible business broadband solution uses Vodafone's 4G and 5G solutions.

Vodafone Business mobile deals

Vodafone Business partners with different Business mobile brands to provide the best service to customers. Here is a list of brands in partnership with Vodafone for the Mobile requirements of businesses, their Mobile options, Prices, and Upfront and Monthly payments.

S/N Phone Upfront Payment(£) Monthly Payment (£) Contract
1. iPhone 14 Pro 40.83 38.84 36 months
2. Samsung Galaxy 7 Fold4 40.83 47.50 24 months
3. Alcatel 1B 0 16.64 36 months
4. Alcatel 1S 7.50 17.50 36 months
5. Google Pixel 6 Pro 15.83 37.50 36 months
6. HONOR 70 24.17 24.17 36 months
7. HONOR Magic 4 Pro 24,17 31.67 36 months
8. HONOR Magic 4 Lite 5G 7.50 17.50 36 months

SIM only plans on Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business provides amazing SIM-only plans to help you get the best data plans at the best prices. These plans are available on twenty-four (24) month contracts, twelve (12) month contracts and thirty 30day contracts.

S/N Data Plan Monthly Payment (£) Minutes and Text Contract Duration
1. Unlimited Max 20.84 Unlimited 24 months
2. Red 160GB 16.67 Unlimited 24 months
3. Red 60GB 15 Unlimited 24 months
4. Unlimited Max 29.17 Unlimited 12 months
5. Unlimited Max + Entertainment 35 Unlimited 12 months
6. Unlimited Lite 20.83 Unlimited 12 months
7. Unlimited 34.17 Unlimited 30 days
8. Unlimited Max 39.17 Unlimited 30 days
9. Unlimited Lite 30.83 Unlimited 30 days

Get mobile broadband on Vodafone Business.

Vodafone Business provides Mobile broadband plans, including Mobile WiFi and Data dongles, Data Sim only plans for Business and GigaCube high-speed internet.

  1. Mobile WiFi and Data dongles: Connects up to ten (10) devices at a go. See available plans below.
S/N Phone Upfront Payment(£) Monthly Payment (£)
1. Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot 2022 25 29.17
2. Vodafone 4G Mobile Hotspot 0 16.67
3. Vodafone K5161z Dongle 0 25
  1. Data Sim only plans for Business: Suitable for Tablet, Mobile WiFi and Dongle. Plans are available for twenty-four (24) month contracts, twelve (12) month contracts and thirty 30day contracts. You can also use the OneNumber connectivity plan to use your phone's data for your tablet.
  2. GigaCube high-speed internet: This portable WiFi router goes beyond your regular router. It also connects up to 64 devices
S/N GigaCube Package Data Upfront Payment (£) Monthly Payment (£) Contract Duration
1. GigaCube 100GB 100GB 83.33 25 24 months
2. GigaCube 200GB 200GB 41.67 33.33 24 months
3. GigaCube Unlimited Unlimited 41.67 50 24 months

What are the advantages of Vodafone Business?

Vodafone Business has many advantages and is suitable for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

  • Vodafone has a network of Fibre optic connections with a wide reach.
  • Provides solutions tailor-made to your firm or Business.
  • Provides ultra-fast Broadband solutions for businesses.
  • Vodafone business allows for easy mobility of your Data equipment like WiFi.
  • You also get better data transfer capabilities.
  • Vodafone has a legacy of reliable internet service and can be trusted for stable internet connections.

Contact number for Vodafone Business

If you are in the United Kingdom, dial 191 from your Vodafone mobile phone or 0333 3040 191 from any other phone to contact Vodafone for Business.

How to log in to Vodafone Business

Visit the Vodafone official website and log in through any of the following platforms:

  • Vodafone Corporate Online (VCO)
  • One Portal
  • eBilling
  • Vodafone Business Marketplace.
  • Vodafone Business Portal

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone Business

How do I contact Vodafone?

Send an email to enterprise@care.vodafone.com.

Is Vodafone Business suitable for my firm of Fewer than ten people?

You can find Vodafone solutions for any business that uses a network of any kind.

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